Grand Theft Auto V – My Expectations for my Computer

While walking in the nearby mall, my eyes suddenly see a very familiar poster outside a video games store. It was the type of store where they update the games as early as possible. My eyes grew wide when I realized that they now accept pre-orders for Grand Theft Auto V for the PS3. Without any second thought, I grabbed my purse and pre-ordered the biggest game of the year for 2013.

Grand Theft Auto V

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Oh, and it comes with a really neat poster. But even if does have a poster or not, I mean, c’mon! It’s Grand Theft Auto! Ever since I bought Grand Theft Auto 3, I have always been a loyal fan of the greatest game franchise on Earth. When I saw the teaser videos for GTA V, I knew that it’s going to be the one of the best games in my game library. What got me so pumped was that the setting is in San Andreas, which is the biggest game location compared to Liberty City and Vice City.

While the release date is still a couple of months away (around September), a lot of people are speculating that it is going to be the greatest game ever for this year. I mean, c’mon; Rockstar have yet to fail us when it comes to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. However, some are asking whether GTA V will have a PC version or not. While I do have plans on buying the PS3 version of the said game, I am also planning on buying the PC version, if there is one.

Some skeptics are saying that there’s no PC version, but I am not giving up yet!

Given that thought, I looked at my PC’s specs and I realized that it is completely lacking, should there be a PC version for GTA V. While I just brought this computer four years ago, I realized that I may need to buy a few upgrades so I can play Grand Theft Auto V. I know, upgrading a PC means you have to spend a lot, but when you start playing games with it, it’ll be all worth it.

So what I need to buy is a new graphics card, a new LCD monitor and a gaming mouse. While my computer is a bit old, it’s still as tough as a Kontron industrial PC! Off I went one Sunday morning to check the Internet and here’s my list of what to get, should GTA V release a PC version:

Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 and the GTX Titan. – I have always used Nvidia’s line of fantastic graphics card when it comes to my gaming computer. Since GTA V is sure to have awesome yet heavy graphics, I’ll probably get myself the GTX 780 as preparation. If the GTX 780 seems too expensive for my tastes, then I’ll get the GTX Titan. I have yet to try and check the other graphics card, but Nvidia’s been my favorite.

The Samsung C24B550U LCD monitor – Oh yeah, if you want the best gaming monitors, Samsung definitely has it all. This particular model is something that I have been meaning to buy for months now and I am just waiting for the day that I’ve saved enough money for this baby.

The Razor Ouroboros Gaming Mice – Razor’s got particularly great gaming mice, but its the Ouroboros that made me drool. With a fully customizable ambidextrous ergonomics and a 4g dual sensor system, I shouldn’t have any problems with GTA V when it comes to driving, flying (you can fly blimps and planes) and shooting enemies.

Seems a pretty fancy list, right? These gadgets are very expensive, so I might not be able to get them all for GTA V PC version. But this coming September 17, I’ll be satisfied playing the game through my Playstation 3.

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