GPS vehicle tracking

The GPS technology made things easy when it comes to fleet tracking. Tracking vehicles to lower costs and finding the best routes is important for every company.


The fleet tracking software are easy to use and have many benefits. Usually they are online applications where you log in using an user and a password and you can manage the vehicle fleet.

With a GPS tracking system the manager can see exactly where all vehicles are on a Google Map or on a different map service. By selecting the vehicle you want to track you will get all the relevant information including: top speed, idle minutes, stop minutes, vehicle path, current location and geofence exceptions. By using a professional GPS tracking system it is simple to track your entire fleet with just a mouse click.

The main benefits of using a GPS tracking system

  • reduce call response time
  • reduce labor costs
  • speed recovery in the event of theft
  • lower insurance costs
  • prevent equipment damage
  • and positively influence driver behavior

Using GPS vehicle tracking on a transport company you keep the customers happy if you let them have access to the data. Many companies let the customers see the car which carries their goods and this way people can see exactly where their goods are and the estimate delivery time .

This is important for companies which use the just in time management. This type of management is based by keeping as fewer items as stocks as possible and getting the goods form suppliers in the exact time when the stocks run off. A GPS vehicle tracking is vital for a firm which uses this type of management because they need to know how to manage their stock and they also need o know if the supplier will arrive in time with the goods.

So if you have a small transport company you may want to install GPS trackers if you haven’t already.

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  1. Any transport company needs gps vehicle tracking for real. The reason is because a lot of drivers are not to be trusted. They will tell you they transported goods to LA while they went to Maimi.

  2. It’s a good idea regardless – sometimes we ship collector vehicles in our closed transport trucks and the owners want to know AT ALL TIMES where their vehicle is. It’s nice to offer that sort of customer support when they want to know. 🙂

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