Gosund Smart WiFi LED Light Bulb Review

Everything is becoming “smart” these days, especially the gadgets. The devices from our lives move slowly to being integrated with other devices and the user has more an more the control over them.

I recently had the chance to try and play with a smart LED bulb – the Gosund Smart WiFi LED Light Bulb.

This gadget is really simple to use and in a few years will probably replace the “dumb” bulbs.

The set contains 2 smart light bulbs and on the pack there is a QR code which leads to the App. After installing and synchronizing the bulb with the app from the phone the user can control the device.

From within the app the user can adjust brightness and change the bulb’s color. You have a lot of options because 16 million colors are available to chose from which is really cool.

The user can set up his favorite colors and even schedule specific colors to start automatically. This is a really cool feature to have if you are hosing a party.

Gosund Smart WiFi LED Light Bulb Review 1

The gadget promises to even save electricity therefore your hard earned cash because it is a 8W 800lm LED bulb and it offers the same light as a traditional 75W incandescent bulb. This means that it will consume just 20% of the energy consumed by a traditional bulb. In plus LED bulbs have a bigger life – this one is made resist to 20,000 working hours.

With the help of the app the Gosund bulb can be controlled by voice commands. It is both compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.
See more about the Gosund Smart WiFi LED Light Bulb in this video

Gosund Smart WiFi LED Light Bulb Review

The Gosund smart light bulb is a cool gadget because it allows changing the color to the one you want and adjusting the brightness.

The app is easy to use and it even allows to schedule the bulb’s color and luminosity.

The main advantage is that its light it can be customized to the one you want: a soft light for reading, or an interesting light for a date night.

And it will also be very cool at parties. I wish these kind of gadgets were available when I was a teenager.

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