Google Speed Tool – A New Way Of Website Registration

The success of business is unpredictable and so is the case with online marketing. Only if necessary steps are taken for improvement, can you think of smooth sustenance on the cyber space. Otherwise, you might as well look for something else. Google speed test tool can be a great helper in striking a relation between optimum performance and quality content. This tool is available both as a plug in and as a site. So even if you do not have an appropriate browser for the plug in you can go on the site and check the credibility of your website with utmost ease and precision. As per a latest study that if your website is speedy it will garner a large visitor traffic and as per a latest survey approximately 40% visitors abandon the sites if they are slow.

Google speed tool


Before website registration, web masters should use Google page speed online test. This is a tool that helps them analyse their website and how can it be known so as to whether the performance is good or bad. There are certain benchmarks that have been setup by Google itself. These benchmarks are basically practices that are taken into heed by web owners to increase the performance of their websites. The suggestions that are obtained after this tool is taken into account are aimed at reducing the loading time that is taken by each page. This test categorizes any problem under a certain magnitude of priority namely high, low or medium. As such the owner knows what he or she should tackle first.

How to use the tool?

The first thing that should be done after website registration is to go to the tools website. Then the web portal’s universal resource locator (URL) should be keyed. After that analyze button should be clicked. To view the result, go to the result’s page and have a look at the suggestions. Accordingly perform necessary modifications on your site as have been indicated through the suggestions. Once these changes have been made, hit the “analyse” button again and you will find that the website would perform in a better manner than before.

Why this tool should be used?

A website is a combination of texts, images and various other forms of content. Performance as in any other case is the whole and soul determinant of what the site is actually up to. The performance also determines the number of visitors who are going to actually preserve the existence of a site on the web space. A very important and in fact a very crucial question that comes to the mind of an owner is that how to strike an optimum relation between performance and brilliant content. This tool very efficiently is an answer to this. It basically is a report card. Actually it is an analytical card which advices to put and manage content with which the bandwidth, quality and many other such aspects can be controlled and whether it is you, the owner or your target visitor both will have a great ongoing experience. Moreover, there would not be any chances of you getting penalised.

Website speed – a very important aspect

Just think about it if you visit a website and find that it is taking too much time to load then you will surely turn your back and that is because nobody has that much time to sit and wait for a really slow website to unfold what it has. Moreover, time is like life in this ever so increasing competitive world. These website are actually the basis for many decisions that have to be taken with utmost swiftness and if they are slow then your visitors will simply kiss your website a good bye.

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