Google Home. The newest Gadget from Google

Smart homes became a reality in the last few years and Google is trying to get in the game with their latest gadget called Google Home.

In this article you will find out what is Google Home, what are its best features, which are the gadget’s minuses and if it is worth buying.

Google Home. The newest Gadget from Google 1

What is Google Home?

Google Home is basically a voice activated speaker which is intended to become your personal virtual assistant.

It can do all sorts of things from playing music to allowing vocal searches in Google. It can also work together with other tech gadgets and help you control you home using voice commands. It can play music, control smart home devices, add things to your “to do” list and perform web searches.

The design

Google’s Home design is simple and it looks like an aroma therapy device and I think it can easily be integrated in a home design.

On top is a touch panel which offers the user the ability to play/pause the song and adjust the volume. Integrated in the top are some far field microphones which allow me to control the device with voice commands. I can activate the voice control by saying “OK Google” or “Hi Google”.

The speaker

For its size the Google Home delivers a powerful and clear sound. The sound is well balanced and it is fine for listing to music and when watching films.

You can’t start a party wit it but it can control a Chromecast device attached to a larger speaker if you want a more powerful sound or you can pair multiple Google Home gadgets together and play music on all of them.

The smart home controller

Google Home can also be used as a controller for other tech gadgets. Using the Google Home the user can control the thermostat, lights and other devices using voice commands.

This is an interesting feature but it requires having gadgets compatible with the device.

The search engine function

This is probably the coolest feature of the Google home. You can ask it questions and it will respond using the Google algorithms. The best part is that it remembers what you asked and when you ask other questions relating to the subject it will deliver the information with context.

Google Home Review

Google’s Home pluses:

  • good sound quality. The sound is powerful enough and it is well balanced.
  • works great as an everyday speaker
  • for a more powerful sound multiple Google Home devices can work together or the device can control a Chromecast inserted into a more powerful sound system. And it can make some cool things combined with a Chromecast.
  • it gives the user the ability to control other smart gadgets using voice commands

Google’s Home minuses:

  • it has lots of limitation. It works with just one Google account as a time which may be frustrating sometimes
  • it only works with some thermostats brands, so if you want to control your home from it you should invest in some Google Home compatible gadgets.

The Google Home is definitely a cool high tech gadget. I like using it as a speaker and I really enjoy its extra features.

Pricing and availability

Right now the Google home is available in the online store. Its price tag is £129.00 at

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