Google Glasses, no thanks – Brits still want Sony Discmans and VHS tapes

An audit of the nation’s attics has uncovered the British public just can’t seem to let go of their treasured “tech” buys, with 25% of people holding onto their CD’s even though most music is now purchased online.

One of the UK’s leading insurers, Zurich, surveyed 2,000 people to highlight the risk of not insuring valuable items kept in the attic and not keeping the roof space properly maintained.

The audit found that the British public’s top ten technology items to hold on to are:
1.    CD’s (25%)
2.    VHS tapes (21%)
3.    Vinyl Records (17%)
4.    Sony Walkman (6%)
5.    Nintendo Gameboy (5%)
6.    Commodore 64 (5%)
7.    ZX spectrum (4%)
8.    Sony Discman (4%)
9.    Tamogotchi (3%)
10.    Nintendo DS (3%)

Over half of the people (52%) who took part in the survey said they held on to these items purely for sentimental reasons, whereas 20% said they thought the items may be worth something one day. However, most people surveyed said they never go into their loft to clean or maintain it.

Zurich home insurance expert Phil Ost said: “The audit confirms that some of our most cherished items are kept in the attic – even though it could be the worst possible place for them. There is a risk of a damp loft becoming a breeding ground for mildew, woodworm and silverfish, all of which could damage your keepsakes and devalue your possessions.

“In order to keep your loft properly maintained and to protect your precious items it’s important to keep it well insulated and to regularly check the roof tiles and water pipes for cracks and leaks. This will help keep it dry and free from damp and mildew.”

According to Leigh Gotch, Toy Department Head at Bonhams, the electronic items that are likely to be worth something one day are those that are closely associated with an era or moment in time and ones that weren’t heavily hyped at the time.

Said Leigh:  “The most collectable items in the future will probably be the ones that you least expect rather than the gadgets that were heavily advertised and promoted. For example, early 1980s hand held electronic games are becoming very popular with collectors.”

Zurich insurance expert Phil Ost said: “Many of us might overlook our lofts when it comes to valuing the contents in our homes – this could leave you underinsured. Your home contents insurance policy should have a sum insured which is adequate to replace all the items in your home so if, for example, a pipe burst in your attic you would get the total value for everything damaged. Therefore, items in your loft may be out of sight but they shouldn’t be out of mind.”

Article by Imogen

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