Golf Launchpad

Golf Launchpad

Tee off at Sawgrass, Pebble Beach or any course of your choice and compete against the best players in the world with this astounding Golf Launchpad – and play with your own clubs!

How does it work?
1. Your PC recognises the Golf Launchpad just like it would a USB mouse or joystick. Simply plug it into your PC and you’re ready to play major golf courses.
2. Golf Launchpad is truly ‘plug and play’. There are NO drivers to install or configurations to change on your PC. It works with any computer with a USB interface running Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP.

The Physics:
Club head ball collision is a complex phenomenon – take a driver travelling at 120mph, for instance. The collision with the golf ball lasts for less than one-half of a millisecond (1/2000 s) during which forces of up to a ton are imparted by the club-face to the ball. Golf Launchpad deals with all of these aspects and much, much more…

The Computation:
Swing, and the optical sensors embedded deep under the turf tracks the path of your club over the sensor grid, measuring vast quantities of data from your club such as: angle, velocity, path and so forth. A digital signal processing algorithms called maps this data in real-time into dynamical information that is then further processed so that the game’s output is unmatched accuracy. The algorithm has been engineered and robot tested for accuracy.

The result of all this baffling technology is that you can play a full game of golf, in real time, with your own clubs, on some of the world’s best courses, against the professionals, and all without leaving the comfort of your own home awesome.

You can have this for £199.00 – Approx USD $358.2 / €294.52

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