Going Techno: Degrees to Get in Technology

The digital world is an expanding frontier. However, navigating the new terrain is helped tremendously by degrees in technology. Thankfully, degrees in technology vary widely. A digital artist may create a logo for a company with advanced editing software. Meanwhile, a computer programmer may be asked to implement new code for the company’s data storage. New methods for interacting with technology change daily, but a degree will help pave the way for a successful career.

Engineering Feats Technologies That Make a Difference

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Electronic Media and Communication

A degree in electronic media and communication is vital when confronted by the wide scope of data represented in digital media. In addition, a degree in electronic media and communication will teach you how to predict and understand the progression of media on multiple devices. Multiple codecs, dozens of ways to communicate news, and cross-platform intellectual properties force companies to fall back on experts who are familiar with dozens of ways to communicate and advertise electronically. Consequently, understanding electronic media is extremely beneficial.

The electronic media and communication field is rapidly expanding, and new businesses desperately need people who can adapt old forms of communication for the rapidly growing digital market.

Information Assurance

Controlling and securing digital information is a priority for virtually every company. Information assurance deals directly with building a secure system that will safeguard information for a company or individual. Management-level security professionals often have a master’s degree in information assurance.
A master’s degree in information assurance will provide you with the knowledge to build an entire security network that can enhance a company’s efficiency through the use of authorized and unauthorized access to data. The network may include security guards, firewalls, security cameras, risk assessment data, disaster recovery and more.

Software Engineer

A software engineer builds entire programs with powerful computer languages. With programs like C++, a software engineer can build a variety of programs that range from video games to word processors. If you are math and technology oriented, then a degree in software engineering is most likely a perfect degree path.

Recently, software engineers have been in high demand due to the rapidly expanding market for smartphone applications. Users are constantly searching for the newest, greatest app that will revolutionize how they interact with the digital world.

As the digital world grows, businesses are searching for people who understand the rapidly expanding fields in technology. Media, safeguarding information, and building new programs are all a part of a rapidly growing world.

By Lizzie Weakley

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