Go Go Gadget Baby – Childproofing The Electronic Devices In Your Home

Once your little bundle of joy begins crawling or walking, he or she will be fascinated by everything within reach, but most especially all of the electronic devices and gadgets in your home. Little ones love to push buttons on laptops, pull cords out of the wall and twist all of the knobs on your home stereo system. However, babies and electronics don’t mix well. Your curious youngster could get a serious electrical shock from playing with cords and plugs or could swallow small electrical parts. Also, you don’t want your expensive home electronics to be ruined by sticky hands and baby drool or the manuscript you have been typing all day to disappear with the press of a wrong button.

This is why it is so important to childproof the electronic devices in your home. Here are some tips for keeping your baby safe from your electronics and your electronics safe from your baby:

Safeguard Your Computer

There is something about your computer that is so tempting to a toddler, as there are so many buttons to push and USB drives to shove pieces of Lego in. To protect it, you can find child safety computer covers that go over top of your computer and protect it from the manipulations of curious youngsters. These don’t seem to be on the market yet for laptops, only desktop computers at the moment. However, laptops can easily be closed and put out of the reach of children, keeping them safe.

Electrical Plugs

With all of these electronics, they need to plug into the wall somewhere. However, electrical outlets can be a hazard for babies as they tend to want to stick their little fingers into the socket. To save your little one from a shocking fate, you can invest in plug protectors to place over the holes and make them safer.

If you have a number of electrical cords together, such as in your home office, you can invest in a cord organizer that will keep them all together. This will help to prevent your little one from getting tangled up in the wires when crawling. If a cord has to travel across the floor it can be safely secured down with tape.

Secure Your Television

Did you know that between eight and ten thousand children are treated in emergency rooms every year due to injuries caused by something tipping over on them, with the television being one of the most common objects responsible? A flat screen television is usually perched on a small base and it is front-heavy, which means that it only needs a small push from a toddler to fall over. However, there are devices that can help you secure your TV to the wall to make it safer.

Hide the Home Theatre System

Your DVD player, Blu-Ray, iPod docks and other home theatre electronics are fascinating to your baby, but you don’t want them to experiment with putting Playdoh in the DVD drive. The best thing to do is to get an entertainment unit that contains all of your television and electronics and has doors can close. Then, you will be able to secure the doors with childproof locks and then afterwards you can secure the entire unit to the wall. If the unit has glass doors, most remotes will still work through the glass and you won’t even have to open them.

These are just a few of the ways that you can childproof the electronics in your home so that you don’t have to worry about your baby getting his or her little fingers into them and damaging them, or hurting themselves.

Jann Webb is a freelance writer and mother of two who has a lot of electrical products from Penguin Supplies in her home. She has placed child proof covers on all of her plug sockets to keep her little ones safe.

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