Go Full Geek with These Four Gadgets

It’s the year 2013. We live in the future. Where the heck are the cool gadgets? These four gadgets may not quite be the flying car you had hoped for, but they are the type of cool, futuristic gizmo that science fiction has been promising us for years.

Go Full Geek with These Four Gadgets

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Remote access

2013 is the year that remote access to all your devices becomes the norm. DVRs and smart TVs now allow you to access your recordings while on the road. Even PCs and gaming consoles are getting in on the act. Users are able to access their movies, games and personal files with greater ease than ever before.

Flexible displays

The promise of flexible displays has been held over the heads of electronics consumers for years. 2013 is the year that promise is finally delivered. The new generation of flexible displays uses a touch display that allows you to easily shuffle through documents and emails. Sharing documents between devices requires just a simple bump.

Home automation

The smart house has been the dream of designers for years. Consumers will remember 2013 as the year that the convenience of home automation arrived on their smartphones. A variety of ISPs and home security firms are already offering home automation through your smartphone. According to a San Francisco home security company, managing your home automation is now a breeze.

With the one touch and voice command features offered by smartphones, flipping a light switch has never been easier. Adjust your thermostat to save money while you’re away from home. Then use your phone to make sure the house is comfortable by the time you get back home. You can also use your phone to monitor security systems. These systems can send you an alert over your phone in case of an emergency or a break-in.

3-D printing

3-D printing is rapidly changing the world in ways we never imagined. 2013’s spring fashion shows featured a variety of clever 3-D printed designs that astonished fashionistas and geeks alike. The 3-D printer is rapidly being adopted in a range of industries no one would associate with the tech savvy.

3-D printing has already changed the way companies handle rapid prototyping. It is now starting to change manufacturing and design. Single-run products are now being brought to market in a matter of days. 3-D printing is also starting to displace processes such as plastic injection molding. 3-D printing has escaped Silicon Valley and will soon change the world in a big way.

Author Bio: Annette Hazard is a freelance blogger that is currently promoting Vivint Home Automation in Houston.

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