Gizmos and Doohickeys for Your Favorite Trucker

The stereotypical trucker isn’t exactly viewed as someone who is well-versed in modern technology. This is one of the cases where the stereotype is far, far from actual reality. Truckers nowadays (and I suspect, always have been) comfortable with technology, as they often have an assortment of modern electronics in their rigs, especially tech that actually helps people with driving. Wireless technology? They have been on shortwave radios for as far as I can remember, too.

You must be wondering by now what kind of gadgets a trucker could actually find useful when driving through the great highways of our country. Short of buying them a new rig (specialized online marketplaces like NextTruck can help you with that), electronic gadgets could make for the best upgrade to any trucker’s interior space; yes, they’ll make great gifts, too. With the objective to inform, entertain, and give ideas to gift-givers out there, let us enumerate the many little electronic wonders that could be found in their trucks, shall we?


Who doesn’t have one nowadays? Smartphones are the representative piece of modern information technology, with the capability to transmit and receive just about all forms of media, all of that in a compact, pocket-sized form factor. Functionality is easily upgraded and expanded by the use of apps and widgets, so this piece of tech won’t simply die out and become obsolete, save for when a model with incrementally better specifications comes out… which is kind of quite often.


With native hands-free capabilities (and with the possible addition of a wireless headset), truckers don’t have a problem using this device even when hard at work. As with any driver behind the wheel, the priority should be driving.


Bigger cousin of the smartphone, and nowadays, with the technical specifications blurring between both of them, that’s simply what it is. In fact, “phablets” are becoming a popular thing, a tablet-sized device (roughly, if an adult cannot heft and use the device with just one hand, it’s considered a tablet) with a SIM card slot and full phone capabilities.


Put it on a vehicle-specialized adjustable mount, and truckers have a convenient and large computing device they can access even while driving. It might even be more preferable to the smaller smartphone as the screen is easier to see.


A common thing with technological gadgets nowadays is the inherent multi-usability of each. The dividing lines between the categories of device are more distorted, and soon, all of us will just be hefting an all-purposing communications and computing device, capable of just about anything you need it for.


There are GPS apps and functionalities on smartphones and tablets nowadays, but some would prefer a dedicated device to do the maps and tracking for them. In fact, there are very specialized trucker-oriented GPS systems that not only help with map data, but also point out other facilities that they consistently need, along with cargo management and truck status functionalities.

Heated Car Seat Massager

If you are going to be driving all day and night, then your seat might as well be comfortable and relaxing. This neat little thing turns any car seat into a comfortable spa-type massage chair, complete with a heater for those cold nights of long haul driving.


The only risk (but a realistic one) in operating this device is that it might just work too well, and massage the driver into a deep sleep. Drive into a truck stop when you’re too sleepy, for safety’s sake!

Car Air Purifier

Even if you have the air conditioner turned on in a vehicle, there are still a lot of pollutants in the air that could prove hazardous to your health. In fact, aside from the pollution coming from the outside (the air conditioner still takes air from the outside, albeit filtered), there are toxic chemicals also being emitted by the interior components of your vehicle.


These should be standard with all vehicles, more so trucks that are driven way longer and through more hazardous weather conditions. Certain models come with ionizing and humidifying capabilities, but the important thing is that the air quality is improved overall, giving your driver literally a little more breathing room.

A/V System

Decking out the interior of a truck with superior audio and displays is something most truckers would go for, regardless of their tastes in entertainment. Modern iterations of these entertainment systems come with very energy-efficient LED displays, compact high frequency satellite speakers in surround configuration, and as usual, bass units that can shake the fillings out of your teeth.


As with the technologies previously mentioned, these should not be used in such a way that they will provide a harmful distraction from a trucker’s main job. It is best to enjoy these electronic amenities while off-duty and parked.

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