Gift Guide To The Hottest Android Games Of April 2013

Here is a list, and a little bit about, each of the top five games currently available on the Android market place:


1. Temple Run 2


This game is the sequel to of course the original Temple Run game which still stands as the most downloaded game on both Android and IOS. In this game you play jack, and Indiana Jones type of character. Monsters chase you as you try to travel long distances to score points and collect gold. It becomes very addictive as you start to unlock rewards and new abilities and continue on your adventure.

2. Angry Birds Star Wars


A spin off of the original smash hit game Angry Birds, the Star Wars edition uses the same gameplay mechanics many users got used to when they became addicted to the original Angry Birds game! This time however they’ve added in traditional things you expect of any Star Wars title, like lightsabers and some cool Jedi powers. This game will keep your interest with more than 100 levels that get increasingly difficult as you level up your skills!

3. Need for Speed: Most Wanted


This game is being considered one of the top racing games available for Android devices as it is probably the closest yet to its counterparts available on Playstation3 and Xbox systems. It has most of the same game modes you know from the traditional gaming consoles including the pursuit storyline type of adventure. With realistic graphics and new cars like the SRT Viper GTS and Porsche 911, racing has never been so much fun!

4. Subway Surfer


Subway Surfer is another very popular game on the Android market place. This game is considered an endless racer, where you have to constantly pay attention and be on your feet to dodge oncoming trains to keep the game moving. It allows you to level up and play with new characters and upgrades like skateboards to keep the game fresh, fun and addictive!

Asphalt 7: Heat


Another very popular racer for Android that offers good graphics and fast gameplay. The tracks in this game are set in real cities around the world which makes it different from many of the racers on the market now. It runs incredibly smooth on Android and doesn’t leave you with lag and slowing down of gameplay like other racers might on different operating systems, so it’s easy to jump right into a quick race and have some fun as you make smooth turns and rev up your engine!

Article references and resources: Author works for – which is one of the largest sources of free online games, and thus for being all free could provide great gaming gifts for all kinds of platforms including PC and mobile, such as android.

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