Gevey SIM unlock for the iPhone 4

Many people want to unlock their iPhone 4 because Apple is known to be very possessive about their products and to lock them to be used only in a proffered network. So if you want to use your IPhone in an another network you must unlock it.


There are many solutions to unlock the iPhone 4 but you must be careful when choosing one because some may damage your phone.

One of the most popular solutions to Unlock iPhone 4 is Gevey SIM card. This SIM can fully unlock the latest iPhone 4 with the latest software version ( 4.3.1) and below.

The card doesn’t require ant difficult software because you will unlock the iPhone 4 using a hardware method. All you have to do is to insert the Unlock SIM in the SIM tray and your phone will be unlocked to be used in any network.

Gevey SIM card Features:

  • Unlock iPhone 4
  • No Jailbreak required
  • ALL iOS Versions are supported
  • Custom Sim-Tray included
  • Use any GSM Sim Card/ Carrier Worldwide
  • 3G, EDGE & GPRS Supported
  • No loss of features or functionality
  • Compatible with ALL Basebands: 1.59, 2.10, 3.10.1, 4.10, 4.10.1

Pricing and availability

The Gevey SIM card price tag is $39,95 and you can get it from Gevey website.

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  1. Is the $39.95 price a good deal? Seems like it might be overpriced to me.

  2. The problem is i-phone companies keep on upgrading newer version.

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  4. i think with Gevey SIM card you do not need to worry about upgrades! is this correct?

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