Get the Wedding Pics of a Lifetime Using Drones

You’ve planned your dream wedding, from the dresses to the cake, and are now looking for something truly unique. Impress your friends and family with wedding pictures like they have never seen before, by buying or renting a good camera drone to gain a whole new perspective on marriage.

Get the Wedding Pics of a Lifetime Using Drones 1

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Professional Photos

While your professional photographer is lining up you and your bridal party, groomsmen, and other important attendees for photographs, use a drone to fly overhead to see things from an aerial view. Plan a few shots looking up towards the drone as well, and a few stills that can only have a major impact from overhead. For example, have the bride sit down and spread her dress all around her. Whatever conventional or quirky photos you are planning on taking, make sure to take one from up above at the same time to put side-by-side in your wedding album.

Ceremony Shots

Have a drone taking pictures of the bridal party walking down the aisle, the bride’s big entrance, and other parts of the ceremony. Have other camera drones taking candid shots of the guests, such as their reactions to seeing the bride, the first kiss, and other important parts of the ceremony. Make sure to concentrate on immediate family members and close friends of the couple, as you will have time to get shots of everyone at the reception.

Reception Pictures

A camera drone at the reception can offer many humorous moments the bride and groom may not see otherwise. Tape all of the speeches, toasts, the cutting of the cake, and other special moments that are usually photographed at the wedding reception, as well as get candid shots of all the guests just as you did at the ceremony. Make sure to fly above the dancers, especially during the newlyweds’ first dance, the father and bride and the mother and groom dance, as well as any fun numbers the couple has decided to take part in during the reception.

Be ready for pictures like you have never seen, before, using a camera drone for your wedding day. There is something about that little flying gadget that puts everyone in a fun, and sometimes silly, mood.

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