Get Ready for Summer: Silicon Valley Style

Summer is almost here! Well, for you Bay Area folk that doesn’t mean a whole lot, especially if you live in San Francisco. Summers in San Francisco are often foggy and cold, but here’s how you can enjoy summer anyway:


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  1. Go to a tanning salon in San Francisco – sure, everyone knows that it’s quite hard to get a tan in San Francisco, but you can always pretend that you spent a few weeks wine tasting in Napa or that you went to the beach down in LA. They’ll never have to know that you put your Jersey Shore face on and went to a tanning salon. They’ll just be jealous and ask you where to get the best margaritas in Venice Beach.
  2. Pack a jacket – it’s summer and sometimes you forget to bring a jacket outside. However, if you ever end up in San Francisco in the evening, you’ll be wishing that you had a jacket to keep you warm.
  3. Head to Golden Gate or Dolores Park – when the weather is good, there are few finer pleasures in life than heading to one of San Francisco’s giant parks to share a picnic with friends. You bet that you’ll run into tons of people that you know because everybody has the same idea of going for a picnic when it’s finally nice out.
  4. Ice cream – artisan ice cream has long taken over the Bay Area, so use summertime as an excuse to eat more ice cream. Ici in Berkeley is always a cult favorite, being the frontrunners to start flavors such as Maple Candied Bacon and Earl Grey ice cream. Bi-Rite is also right next to Dolores Park, so you can kill two birds with one stone here.
  5. Get a BART card – there are events all over the Bay Area during the summer, and public transit is often the best way to get around, or at least across the bay. Having a BART card means you’ll be saving tons of time on waiting for people to hurry up and figure out how to use their credit card, even though it’s 2016.
  6. Go to a concern at the Greek – one of the best venues acoustically and for atmosphere in the Bay Area, summer is the season where shows at the Greek Theater in Berkeley begin. Many tickets are general admission, so get there early to reserve a good spot.

Happy summer!

By Ryan

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