Gazelle Review – Some Sites May Pay More For Your iPhone!

A review of Gazelle’s trade-in prices, showed that other companies do in fact pay more for your iPhone or smartphone. Just because a company is big, and has a lot of “brand name” influence, doesn’t mean that they will pay the best price. This is proven by our review of several other companies that buy your iPhone as well and give you cash in the form of Paypal, or a Check.


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In this review, we selected the iPhone 4S 16GB AT&T. We will use this same device in the illustrations of all the reviewed companies here. We also used the similar price conditions as we could. However some of these may vary and its best to check today for the most recent prices. This review is valid today on Sunday August 4, 2013.


Good condition: $200.00

Broken Condition: $100.00

Flawless Condition: $210.00


Normal Wear condition: $213.32

Heavy Wear Condition: $196.32

Brand New Condition: $230.30


Powers On condition: $210.00

Broken Condition: $126.00

Flawless Condition: $210.00


Normal Wear condition: $213.32

Heavy Wear Condition: $196.32

Brand New Condition: $230.30

Summary: The prices are slightly different when you look at other companies. Just as a comprehensive review, we also looked at the options that each company gave along with your buyback order. In summary, most all of the companies did in fact carry the same if not similar guarantees, shipping options, and payment options. If you use NextWorth however, you can get a Target gift card. This however in our minds isn’t a high selling point because either way you will most likely want the freedom to spend it on whatever you need, therefore a check would be the best option. However It might be nice if you shop at target a lot. The biggest surprise is that DeviceFlip actually pays a lot more for broken iPhones then the other competing companies. On deviceflip however, there are different options you can select that narrows down your broken device. If you broken iPhone is very broken and soaked in water, that would lower the price quote above to a lower quote, however our conclusion seems to be that if you have a iPhone with minimal damage, DeviceFlip is your best bet. Again i urge you to check DeviceFlip, and the other companies to see what they are paying at this moment. That will get you the best price quote you can!

How these companies work: You simply go onto the website of the trade-in company and search for your desired device. When you have selected the device you want to sell, you choose the condition that the device is in and answer a couple questions about the device’s included accessories. After that it spits you out a price. Then the company usually sends you a box, or you simply send it in your own box. There are many companies that are similar to this model, but they all are fairly good.

The question now to ask is: do they pay the most? In this review, we came to find out that did in fact pay the highest price in the review as of Sunday August 4, 2013. The best idea is to check now and see what your quote against the other companies.

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