Gadgets that are Poised to Change our World in the Near Future

Modern technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and shifting our life and work habits at a rapid pace. We can hardly imagine a future that is anything other than a high-tech, vividly digital, and mind-blowing ecosystem. Yet, smart phones, digital cameras, and microwave ovens were not always around, and their adoption was a gradual process.  Some other tech products have dubious future to say the least, so we shall focus on technological innovations that are likely to stick and become integral part of our daily life.

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VR goggles

Virtual reality (VR) is a real game-changer. Oculus Rift goggles marked an important milestone in its development and generated a great deal of buzz. Others companies followed suit and we have also products like HTC Vive in the market. For now, VR tech is quite costly, requires mighty hardware, and the whole experience is yet to evolve to the next level. However, goggles hold great promise, and not just for the gaming community. After all, the hardware will inevitably become more affordable, while goggles will be sleeker and less obtrusive.

Electric mobility gadgets

Electric vehicles are already huge business, but they demand substantial investments and massive infrastructure adjustments. On the other hand, electric scooters and skateboards are relatively affordable, practical, and ready to be utilized right away.  Compact electric scooters in the league of Uscooter and EcoReco provide great urban mobility represent appealing and eco-friendly means of transport. And since you can avoid public and vehicular transportation, these tech marvels pay for themselves in a year or so.

3D printers

The advent of 3D printers evokes images of all-powerful gadgets bringing to life everything from adorable figurines to appliance replacement parts. Well, we will have to wait a bit for something like this to become a reality. Then again, in the following years, 3D printing should become available locally via retail sector, suggesting we will be able to use this technology in a variety of innovative and awesome ways.  Some stores like Staples have already begun to offer printers, which is to say that the future is now and that manufacturing industry needs to brace itself.

Drones for aerial delivery

Drones have entered the market will flying colors. Apart from regular applications such as aerial photography and video production, there are some other possibilities. Namely, tech giants Google and Amazon are developing drones capable of delivering products within minutes. There is still a lot of ground to cover and practical problems to solve. Despite these hurdles, we expect the drones to undergo widespread adoption. Pilot programs like DHL’ robotic station-to-station autonomous delivery are a proof that this scenario is quite plausible.

Personal digital assistants

Note that small, handheld devices that provide computing and information storage predated smartphones. In a today’s context, though, digital assistants refer to software platforms like Amazon’s Alexa. These devices use artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize voice and gestures and perform multifarious tasks. They can interact with smart connected devices and apps to enable people to keep schedules, set reminders, regulate indoor climate, crawl web pages, manage social accounts, consume content, etc. There is a little doubt that we will witness the surge in the sector of personal and business use.

Wearable sensors

Wearable tech is improving swiftly and more and more consumers are embracing it. Sensors are pivotal to its development and they take numerous shapes and forms, such as content lenses, or even tattoos. One of the greatest applications is personal healthcare. Namely, sensors can already monitor vital body functions and report any irregularities to the doctor. Many of us will also wear clothing that mounts digital sensors. The benefits range from newfound aesthetic splendor to tracking of the muscle activity during workout.

At the frontier of future

There is not crystal ball that shows us the glimpse of future, but we can grasp present trends to predict what it has in store for us. It is clear as a day that a lot is brewing around the corner. Numerous gadgets have made our life and work easier and opened doors to amazing new possibilities. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The technology is not going to become just smaller and more powerful. We are talking about fundamental shifts in our relationship with computing and the way we perceive and handle day-to-day reality.

By Sean Lockwood


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