Gadgets Lawyers Cannot Live Without

When you think of gadget lovers, the first person to come into your head is probably that guy you see on your morning commute – their Smartphone strapped to their hand, filling the carriage up with the noise from their beat headphones as they furiously swipe away those fruit on their tablet. But who’s to say that this little fanboy (or girl) has to have the monopoly on technological fun? Why can’t it be the suits who share the spoils of our technological revolution? So today I thought I’d take a look at some of the best gadgets out there for true 9-5ers, people whose work involves a lot more engagement than collecting thumbs on Facebook and for whom paperwork still means using a pen. These are my top gadgets for Lawyers.

Scanners: Without All the Head Exploding

All right, let’s start off nice and practical. Odds are you have to scan the equivalent of War and Peace in any given day, what with all those case notes piling high as K2 on your desk, it’s always a pleasure to load those bad boys up onto your PC.


The HP 3320 is the daddy of multi-use printers. Complete with print, scan, fax and copy functions, the HP 3320 is a device that no lawyer can do without. The 3320 can even help you print pre-paid envelopes, so you’ll never be caught searching for a stamp again! Available for just under $650, and complete with a sturdy warranty in case anything goes wrong, the printer is a bargain and a wonder.

Still awake? Okay, now let’s head to slightly more interesting territory.


Now, you may not consider Google to be a gadget in its own right, but when you’re stuck at the office, a prehistoric version of Internet Explorer threatening to only let you search through AOL, the search engine quickly becomes a luxury commodity.

Google’s in-browser toolbar is truly a revelation for those left in the surf-the-web stone age, allowing you to perform a Google search from anywhere on the web. Though you may miss out on the thrill of seeing the latest Google Doodle, the difference it makes to your overall productivity is astounding. The toolbar even lets you search through the page you’re currently on, so if you’re squinting your eyes trying to find that relevant statute in a page of T&Cs, never fear, Google’s here.

Right, next up – Smartphones.


Beyond Blackberry


Time was that the young (or old, for that matter) professional was easily identifiable by simply looking at whatever phone they were using. But since Blackberry became available for the consumer market, it’s no longer such a simple affair. So what phones are out there on the market those are both fun and productive?

The Google Nexus 4 is part of a new generation of business/consumer phones on the market, fusing the raw power of the Google Android system with a stunning handset. Sure, there have been Nexus models before, but the 4 (manufactured by LG) is the best yet. Sporting a stunning screen in eye-popping HD, and able to access the entire of the Google Play store using its super-fast mobile internet, the Nexus 4 will become as useful as it is beautiful. The handset is also a lot of fun, running all your favorite wind-down and de-stress apps on a screen large enough to eat your sushi off.

So there you have it, three great gadgets that’ll help to boost your productivity, and help to make you the envy of the practice across the hall. Now all you’ll need is a set of Beats and you’re all set to fit in with the trendies.

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