Gadgets Geared for Dog Owners

Dogs are man’s best friend, so it’s only natural that we only want what’s best for our faithful companion. In a nod to this devotion to pets, there are many cool gadgets that are geared specifically for dog owners. Other than tender loving care and affection, here are some techie stuff that is sure to make your canine pals ecstatic.

K-9 Kannon

Who doesn’t enjoy playing fetch with their dogs? The constant tossing and retrieving of the ball, however, can take its toll on your arm. While you’re ready to end your playing session in the park, your dog is just getting started. It would take some time before your pet can spend out all of his energy and that would mean playing a very, very long day of fetch. The solution to this is the K-9 Kannon.


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This innovative ball launcher is perfect for lazy dog owners as it saves them from tossing the ball over and over again each time their pet retrieves it. This fun device has been designed to fit tennis balls and you can use it to shoot them up to 100 feet. One of the best things about this cannon is that you don’t need to pick up balls covered in dog slobber with your hands. Its hands-free capability means you don’t have to handle dirty or chewed up tennis balls, rather, the launcher will do it for you. You can find a more detailed article on this new gadget along with a demo video in this article.


Dogs are lovable furry balls of boundless energy. In fact, this seemingly endless amount of energy can leave you drained, yet your pet demands more rounds of fetch. This is where is where iFetch comes in and helps you fulfill this demand. A less extreme version of the K-9 Kannon, iFetch is an indoor ball launcher that will throw balls for your pet until it is completely tired yet satisfied.


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This exercise as well as entertainment toy for dogs automatically turns on when a small sized tennis ball is dropped inside the funnel. A few seconds later, it ejects the ball for the dog to chase. While waiting for your pet to return with the ball, this smart device switches to standby mode until a dog or a person drops the ball once more into the funnel. The iFetch has a switch for when you need to turn it off. You can also adjust the launch distances which vary, depending on its 3 different positions. The finished packaged product is expected to begin in October of this year.

Neato XV-21

Gadgets for your pet are not just all about fun and games. There should also be those that will help you clean up after your furry best friend. The Neato XV-21 automatic vacuum cleaner is just the gadget to help pet owners with this task.


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Once featured on the Ellen Degeneres show, the Neato XV-21 is specially engineered not only for pet owners but also for allergy sufferers. According to its product description, it has “the most powerful suction of any robot vacuum” as it is able to pick up debris, dirt as well as those hard to remove pet hairs that stick to your floor or your furniture.

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