Gadgets for smokers

Top gadgets for cigar enthusiasts:

#1. Cigar cutters

Cigar cutters are an essential smoking accessory, and come in several different types. They are used by knowledgable smokers to cut cigars in straight, punch, or v-cut styles for maximum enjoyment.

#2. Cigar ash trays

Different from regular ash trays, cigar ash trays are specially sized to accommodate cigars. High-end designs offer convenient features, such as a removable bin that catches the ashes for easy disposal.

#3. Lighters

For the best, and most pure flavor, cigars should be lit with a quality butane lighter. The most popular models are made from stainless steal, can be refilled, and are designed to be wind resistant.

#4. Cigar humidifiers

Used in humidors and cigar boxes, humidifiers keep cigars fresh and preserve flavor. Humidifiers are designed to accommodate varying amounts of cigars. The serious collector may need a device that can keep over a hundred cigars fresh for two years or longer.

#5. Hygrometers

While it is important to keep cigars moist, too much moisture can result in mold the spoils the quality of the cigar. A Hygrometer measure the moisture in the air, and can be installed in a humidor to ensure cigars are kept at the optimal humidity levels.

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  1. I’m not a smoker myself, but I have to say that I am very much intrigued when I see a very creative lighter. These can come in all shapes and sizer that I just want to collect them.

  2. Timeshare Relief

    This is a good news to all cigar enthusiasts. Seems that all the gadgets stated above are all helpful.Thanks for sharing this because I am a smoker too.

  3. that samsung phone looks good…so did the droid when I bought it. I miss my iphone but not at&t crappy service!

  4. It’s funny to see there are gadgets that can also cater to the bad habits. Although I have to agree with Michelle. Even as a none smoker, there is something cool about having a unique one of a kind lighter.

  5. Rae | Desktop Aquariums

    I used to like cool smoker gadgets before til I’ve quit smoking about 3 years ago. But I still have a lot of smoking friends who’ll truly love these inventions. They’ll make pretty cool gifts, especially cleverly designed lighters

  6. I like quality butane lighters. But sorry I am not a smoker, just want to appreciate things.

  7. I’m a smoker and a good lighter is important to me. Thanks for posting it.

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