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While some people can build intricate cabinetry with just a hammer, saw, and square edge, home improvement isn’t something most people are really too fond of. The tediousness of sawing wood and pounding nails into boards is definitely not everyone’s idea of therapeutic, and most people can think of other things they’d rather do with their increasingly precious spare time. This usually means leaving home remodeling and improvement projects to the professionals or living with the aftermath of shoddy work.

Cordless Drill

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But it doesn’t always have to be this way. There are a lot of modern gadgets that allow even the less manually skilled to do a surprising number of improvement projects relatively well, and with less sweat than with the traditional carpentry tools. Here we’ve listed some tools homeowners might want to look into getting if they’re thinking of doing some work on their houses. Be warned, though: power tools might make things more convenient, but they need to be used with respect and an eye to safety always.

Cordless Drill

Anyone who had to hang a picture frame using a screwdriver can attest that these things can require a good bit of elbow grease and a bit of obsession to do right. A cordless drill, on the other hand, takes away most of the difficulty for this and a lot of other tasks, like installing cabinets, clothes hooks, and any of a variety of other small projects. The savings on time and energy really make this a must-have in every home.

Nail Gun

This is one of those things that can really help you in your DIY projects, but it’s not a purchase you should take lightly. A lot of injuries happen to professionals using nail guns, so you need to approach this purchase with the thought that you would for a firearm, and in addition to safety equipment like eye protection, you should get training on its proper use. The firing mechanism is an important consideration in choosing which nail gun to buy: the most common one is the dual-action contact-trip trigger, which requires that the manual trigger and the nose contact both be depressed for a nail to be discharged. This is the trigger you don’t want to buy since it causes a lot of accidents. The safer option is the sequential-trip trigger, which requires the nose contact to be depressed before the manual trigger instead of simultaneously with the trigger.

Hand-held Circular Saw

Get one and you can say goodbye to your old-fashioned hand saw and hello to a future of easy DIY carpentry. For convenience and portability, you can get any of a choice of smaller battery-operated circular saws, or if you don’t mind using a tool with a power cord and want more versatility, you can spring for the big guns and get one of the saws with enough power to cut through stone and concrete.

Brandon Peters is an entrepreneur, writer, and would-be cabinet maker. He enjoys expanding his skills by trying out different crafts.

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