Gadgets Created With Seniors In Mind

With so many innovative inventions these days, one can always find a gadget designed for one’s needs. Manufacturers know this and therefore come up with products that are attractive to their respective markets. The senior market is one that has proven to be a good field to cater to, and this serves as true to gadgets. Grandpa and grandma will surely benefit from these functional techy devices created for seniors.


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The Samsung Jitterbug offers senior friendly features.

Digital Pill Reminder

With age comes an increasing need for more maintenance medicine and supplementary vitamins. It’s inevitable. What’s even more challenging is having to take them at a certain time when one’s memory may no longer be very reliable. Fortunately, there are now devices that can help seniors be reminded of their medication. Digital pillboxes are designed to keep them from forgetting prescriptions or getting them scrambled. It’s like an everyday pill dispenser but with an alarm that sounds whenever it’s time to take the next dose. There are a lot of options for this in the market. For instance, the MD .2 is a monitored dispenser that can load pills and allows elderly to dispense them with one touch of a button. There is also the Rescue Alert which has a special feature that alerts a dispatcher if the lid isn’t opened during the right time of taking the medicine.

Temperature-activated Flow Reducer

Zoning out and eventually neglecting the water temperature while taking a shower can be a problem for seniors. Small in size yet big in purpose, this gadget is designed to turn off the water when it gets too hot. It’s low-tech and can cost less than $40. The temperature-activated flow reducer has a screw-on faucet attachment that shuts off the water from a sink or shower if it gets too hot, therefore preventing burns.

Emergency Response System

Now this is a rather obvious choice. Seniors have the tendency to fall off and have a hard time getting up. This is a concern among family members, but they can be more at ease with a personal emergency response system. It’s a home device that connects to a 24-hour call center with a push of a button. It’s very easy to carry as the transmitter is designed to be worn on a bracelet or as a neck pendant. Grandma and grandpa only needs to push the button after any kind of emergency and it will automatically alert the call center, which will then contact a family member or an emergency personnel. This device can be purchased or leased. Purchasing one can cost $200 to $1,500 while rentals range from $15 to $50 a month.


Anybody can use a little help from a GPS, especially the seniors. It’s a convenient gadget that can serve as a travel buddy in the car or in the hand. GPS provides which route to take best to get to the destination or to at least know where the nearest gas station is. There are specially designed GPS and tracking devices for seniors that assist in identifying the location of the senior while keeping them connected to a family member.

Big-button or Senior-Friendly Cellphone

Communication is one of the most important things to have especially when seniors are living alone. It’s good to know that there are many cellphones today that boast of senior friendly features. For instance, the Doro 410 has larger than normal keys and displays large text on the screen. There is also the Samsung Jitterbug which is known for having a close tie-in with Great Call, a carrier that serves as personal operator for its senior users. Also, there is the Snapfon Ez One with an SOS button that automatically connects with an emergency pone number.

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