Gadgets and the Military

Soldiers in battlefields are a top priority for any military force. The need to keep these soldiers alive outstrips any other need by far. Many militaries utilize different types of technology to achieve their goal of keeping the soldier from being wounded, more so being wounded unnecessarily and in maintaining the life of those who may be unfortunate to be wounded. The technology employed by militaries is used in gathering intelligence information and in providing information to commanders as fast as possible. Wearable technology also serves to appraise fighters of the battlefield situation so that they can make informed decisions.

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In gathering information, imagery and spying are critical requirements. It is not enough to know how your enemy forces are moving, but it pays to know some of their plans if not all. Tactical decisions and placement of soldiers and armaments may depend on covertly gathered information if you are going to win a war.

In gathering of information, the military has the capacity to gather audio and video information from hostiles with the use of gadgets only. An example is the Meshworm that moves under the ground, can transmit both video and audio, and looks just like a worm. Air imagery has also been revolutionalized for the military with the use of high flying drones equipped with high resolution cameras that can zoom in on anything below it on the ground and take crystal clear photos of areas of interest. These drones can also be equipped with active aggression equipment such as missiles and guns but that will be discussed later.

Another latest gadget for the military in intelligence gathering is the Flybot. It is a small fly-like, bug-like gadget or robot that can enter war zones and detect weapons and chemical bombs using recently developed methods.

In active combat zones, the life of soldiers depends on their ability to get supplies such as food and medical aid. The military has developed robots that can be used as mules for transport purposes in dangerous combat fields. These robots include the Robot Horse which can respond to commands by the lead soldier in a military operation and carry various supplies to soldiers. The Robot Horse efficiently blends into forest environments with unprecedented ease as an additional capacity.

The other type of robot being developed by the military is bipedal robots. These are robots that move like humans on two supporting struts. They can be used for subversive functions in guerilla warfare, though their main use will be in search and rescue missions to find wounded soldiers in battlefields and supply medical aid. Transporting the soldier back to base will be a priority function for the robot. The robot can optionally stay with the wounded soldier and transmit the position until help arrives. In hostile zones, the robot could deliver water and food to the soldiers.

Lastly, the now famous drone comes back into the picture. While drones were initially developed and used for the gathering of intelligence, they have been converted into strike bombers with terrifying results. The capacity of drones to fly higher than conventional aircraft and their small size makes the enemy quite incapable of detecting and neutralizing the drone. Their range is another problem as a drone can stay aloft for periods exceeding 12 hours and send images in real-time as it strikes target after target.

Drones have been used with astounding success in the fight against terrorism with the first publicly acknowledged drone strike being the one that killed Al-Qaeda leader Anwar Al-Awlaki in 2011. The news that the military is developing a SuperDrone that will have the capacity to fly at 4,000 miles per hour is no good news for those who find themselves at the receiving end of a war where drones are used.

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