Gadget war Zune attack

Gadget war has started. The popular iPod is under attack.
Zune is the attacker.

Zune first strike: Zune will be upgradeable.
The hardware paves the road for them to do various other “scenarios” with the Zune. In the future, via software update, the Zune should be able to possibly do stuff like share songs over the internet, wirelessly sync with the computer, stream music/video to other devices, and much more. The hardware is there, but it just needs to be activated by software.

Second strike: Zune is easy to use.
Microsoft’s decided to focus on making the Zune simple to use and intuitive for people to pick up.

Third strike: Zune large screen
Movies and pictures played back smoothly, and the display transitioned automatically to landscape mode when you start a slideshow/movie. Pictures are auto-cropped to display large on the screen, and will be auto-resized down from the original whenever you send them to your friends over WiFi. The Zune was easy to hold in both landscape and regular modes—no problems at all.

Strike no. four: guesting
A friend can take his Zune over to your computer, set up a “guest” relationship with your Zune Marketplace software (as opposed to a regular owner relationship), and you’re free to drag songs and pictures from your library onto her device. These songs do not have the 3 play 3 day limit on them. Depending on whether you purchased or you’re leasing these songs, you can do this with either 5 or 2 Zunes, respectively.

Last strike: Zune look
The outside is made out of a rubberized plastic, which goes through an interesting process where they paint the inside a different color than the case—this gives the Zune a two-toned look which both looks and feels great. The corners (meticulously selected down from hundreds of minutely different corners) look like they glow, which is called the “doubleshot effect”. This comes from the inside radius being different from the outside radius.

I have to admitted this gadget looks great.

Will iPod resist to the powerful Zune Attacks?


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