Futuristic Construction Technologies That Might Change the World

We’ve come a long way as a species. Our ancestors lived in caves which this universe and this planet made for them. Now, we’re building gorgeous and big buildings – and not only building them, but we are also living in them.

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Some might say that we have surpassed Mother Nature and that we’re finally in a position to shape the world in any way we see fit. The thing is, we are a part of nature and, in a sense, we are nature. Everything that we do is natural.

In the beginning, there was only mud. Now there are many man-made construction materials. However, not everything is about using the right materials. Those who are in the construction business know what we’re talking about. So, let us take a look at construction technologies that will make our world a better place.

Aerogel insulation

There is a material lighter than helium that can absorb oil 500-900 times its own mass? Yup, and it’s called aerogel.

This material is one of the least dense materials on Earth, at least when it comes to materials that can hold its shape. Make no mistake aerogel is not wet – in fact, it is made by removing all the liquid from gel. After this process you are left with a silica structure that’s almost weightless. The porous structure of this material makes it difficult for heat to pass through, which means that it has a much greater insulating power than traditional materials, such as fiberglass or foam.

Transparent aluminum

Transparent aluminum is not a mad man’s dream anymore. For decades, top scientists have tried to make this, and finally, they did it! What can be better than this material that combines the strength of metal and the purity of glass? Truly, this invention might change many things.

Those glass-walled skyscrapers will not be vulnerable to damage anymore! Transparent aluminum or ALON also has many other uses – it can be used by the military to make armored windows and even optical lenses.

The creation of this material is also good news for those mobile crane hire companies – we will need much more of those lifts and platforms in the future!

Smart roads

You’ve probably heard about smart, self-driving cars, but did you know that scientists are working on smart roads as well?

Smart roads are intended to change the world in a unique way – hopefully, they will be able to charge your vehicle while you’re driving. Imagine not having to stop to charge your car every 500 kilometers? Wouldn’t that be nice? A company from New Zealand already made a charging pad that can charge an electric car and the next logical step is to implement that technology into road surfaces.

Self-healing roads

While we’re on the subject of roads, there’s a big chance that self-healing roads will become a reality in the near future. This asphalt has small steel fibers mixed in, and if you add heat by running an induction machine over the asphalt, those steel fibers will make all those small holes close on their own.

In a way, this type of road is not truly ‘’self-healing’’, but it’s the closest thing we have to it.

Unfortunately, this asphalt is 25 percent more expensive than normal asphalt, so it might take some time to gain traction, so to speak.

All in all, we can say that the future of our planet is bright. Brilliant minds from all over the world are inventing new and exciting things, even while you’re reading this. With some luck, over a decade or two, we will see all these technologies in use, and we’ll build things more efficiently.

By Diana Smith



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