Fun Things You Can Do With Your Old Cell Phones

Most people change their cell phones at least once every two years, which leaves many consumers with old cell phones. Not all providers buy back old devices, so some people are left to think of creative uses for them. If you have a smartphone, and you do not quite know what to do with it, you have plenty of choices. The following are some ideas for fun things you can do with your old phone once you get into something more modern:

Fun Things You Can Do With Your Old Cell Phones

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Use it as a Music Player or Camera

Most smartphones come equipped with music players. If you have an old one that no longer has service, you can still use it as a second hand music player. Your old phone can keep you company at the gym or on long walks or runs. You can use it as a device to help you stay healthy and fit. An old cell phone can be a wonderful companion when you want to get away somewhere quiet and bring your music collection with you for entertainment. The same rings true for the camera feature. You can go on expeditions and use your old phone to take family pictures and capture memories.

Donate it to Charity

Giving from yourself will make you feel good. Certain organizations have donation boxes in which you can drop your old phone. They will activate the device and send it to a person in a domestic violence shelter for 911 calls. They may also give the phone to someone who is not as fortunate as you are, so that he or she can make phone calls to the doctors and transportation providers.

Use as a Learning Tool for Your Child

Another great way you can use your old phone is as a learning tool for your little boy or girl. Children need to learn how to use cell phones as early as possible so that they will be able to dial 911 in case of an emergency. Additionally, young children are always fascinated with electronic devices that make noises. Your son or daughter will spend hours sifting through the menus and listening to the various sounds that the phone makes. An old mobile phone can be a great source of entertainment for a toddler.

Tinker with It

If you would like to learn the ins and out of cell phone devices, android phones are the perfect items to start with. For less than $10, you can purchase a small tool set and take your old cell phone apart one day when you are bored. You will be able to get a good look at the motherboard and all the components. Additionally, you can use the parts from your old phone to repair a new one.

Hand it down

If you have a teenage child who wants his or her own phone, your provider will most likely activate it so that you can hand it down. Cell phones will last a long time if you take care of them. Just because you are not currently using one, does not mean you cannot get some fun use out of it.

Article by Annabelle Smyth

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  1. I’ve lost count of the number of mobiles I’ve been through over the years. Most of my old ones have been passed on to my kids – but they’re getting older now and want better and fancier ones all the time. I might have to try some of your tips above in future.

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