From Numbers to Entertainment: How Live Dealer Games Have Changed iGaming for Good

There was a time, not too long ago, when the iGaming world was flat. Due to software restrictions and server space, online casinos were forced to offer relatively lifeless gaming options.

However, fast-forward a decade and things have changed dramatically. Advances in online and mobile technology have not only made virtual casinos more accessible, but each one is now stocked with vibrant games of all shapes and sizes.


From 3D slots to animated scratchcards, the industry is now awash with entertaining ways to play blackjack, roulette, baccarat and more. However, of all the recent innovations in the iGaming world, it’s live dealer games that have been the most impressive. Literally adding some life to the industry, these games fuse the best parts of online and live gaming into a single platform available via online and mobile devices.

For those of you who aren’t sure what the live dealer casino games are or why they’re a game changer for casino operators, here’s the Gadgets Club lowdown.


In a nutshell, live dealer games are casino games controlled by a real person but accessed online. For example, if you were to download the Smart Live mobile casino app, you’d be able to join a live dealer roulette table and place bets in the same way you would in a virtual game.

However, instead of a virtual dealer (invisible) controlling an animated wheel, you’ll be linked up with a real person spinning a physical roulette wheel. All other aspects of the game play out in the same way as they would normally, but the way in which the results are determined is the product of a real spin and not a random number generator.

To make live dealer games a reality an operator has to incorporate a selection of items, including: special cards and equipment stocked with RFID chips, HD video streams, microphones and highly trained dealers and croupiers.

Thanks to the RFID chips, every move at the table is tracked and as the signals are sent back to the receiver they are logged by the casino’s software. This process allows the software to compare each player’s bets (which they input by clicking on the screen) with the results on the table and calculate any wins accordingly.

Additionally, to ensure the player is immersed in the game and can see the action as it happens, the video stream and microphones pick up all the sights and sounds at the table to create an experience as close to the real thing as possible.



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One of the major advances in live dealer casino technology came in 2015 when operators were able to take their games offline and put them into a mobile setting. Because iOS and Android Smartphones are now capable of processing more information in a more efficient way, it’s possible to stream games to mobiles and tablets without any glitches.

For example, if you were to download the Smart Live roulette app you’d be able to link up with live dealers located in a remote location, wager as little as £1 per spin and feel as though you’re in the middle of Las Vegas when you’re really just sitting at your local bus stop. Basically, whenever you fancy a quick chat and a bit of gamble, you can now take your phone out of your pocket and ante-up.

What live dealer games have done for the iGaming industry is nothing short of a revolution. By embracing the latest in online and mobile technology, operators are now able to offer a truly immersive experience for players of all persuasions.

In fact, what live dealer games have really done is to turn online casino gaming from a serious business (where only the numbers matter) into an entertaining one.

Your Smartphone or laptop is now a gadget, a portal into a world of glitz, glamour and action. Regardless of whether you’re a novice or a pro, gaming in the casino world is now a much more entertaining experience and you can thank each live dealer for that personally if you wish.

By Siim

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