Fridge Diet Decision Maker

Fridge Diet Decision Maker

If dieting is your thing, or you want to help out a friend with their diet, then all you need is the magnetic Diet Decision Maker. Just attach it to the fridge and each time you feel like a snack, press the cherry and you will get told a random little gem of advice to help you resist munching.


  • ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get chocolate!’
  • ‘A second on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!’
  • ‘Those who indulge, bulge!’
  • ‘Naughty pickers wear big knickers!’
  • ‘A carrot cake does not count as your five a day!’

Dimensions: 100mm D 40mm

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  1. Great gadgets, i seen this type of gadgets rarely.

  2. Good gadget or anyone who want to lose weight.

  3. Unfortunately, I only think it would work for me if it were to administer a near-lethal shock when I pressed the button. That way I’d pass out immediately instead of reaching for a wedge of brie or a bowl of ice cream.

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