Four Tips To Start Building Your Own Original App

Next time you’re on the train, or in a cafe, look around you and count the number of people using a smartphone. You’ll be in double digits in no time. According to the Pew Research Center, approximately 61 percent of Americans are owners of a smartphone. If you’re computer savvy with programming experience, or even if you’ve never written a line of code in your life but are willing to learn, developing a mobile app is a great way to earn extra income, grow your business, or start a new one. Whether you’re interested in creating a gaming, utility, or lifestyle app, there’s a pool of nearly 150 million users waiting to give it a try. However, in a saturated mobile app market, creating a unique user experience should be your first priority. Below are four tips to follow to maximize your earning potential and success.

Four Tips To Start Building Your Own Original App

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Think Small

When you hear the success stories of apps like Temple Run, which was created by a husband-and-wife developer team just two years ago and has grossed well over $1 million, it’s hard not to have grand dreams and the expectation of achieving them straight out of the gate. Instead, think small. Target one tool or game feature you wish to provide, such as a free run game, and focus on making it work better than any other app. In-game upgrades and additional features can come later. The Temple Run creators released seven other games before their big hit, including a convoluted flop they hoped would compete with the offerings from industry-leading game developers.

Adopt a Pricing Model that Will Attract Users

An app priced at $5 will earn $100 in far fewer sales than a $0.99 app, but in a saturated market where really great apps are free, you’re practically shooting yourself in the foot with a high price tag. If instant revenue is a must, sell your app for $0.99. But if possible make it available for free and build a loyal user base. Revenue can be earned through in-app purchases, or future app upgrades that add more features.

Diversify Mobile Platforms

Today, the two leading mobile operating systems offer a combined total of nearly 2 million apps in their respective app marketplaces. In terms of market-share between these two operating systems, Android claims 51 percent while Apple places second with just over 40 percent. Therefore, when building an original app, your business plan should include developing apps for both Android and iOS.

Outsource Development

Unless you’re an experienced programmer, consider outsourcing development to a company such as Solution Stream that has skilled developers and the necessary resources to see your app through the entire process, including the final stages of testing prior to launch.

Outsourcing removes the obstacle of limited skills for an amateur developer, and allows you to create an attractive app with an intuitive user interface. When using a company you can instead focus your attention on what you want your app to be, and they’ll figure out the how.

By Jayla Barnsen

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