Four Reasons to Use a Telephone Answering Service

Some major reasons for business failure include poor planning, bad customer service, horrible time management, lack of marketing to promote the business, etc. Still, there are many businesses tasting failure even with perfect environment. Reason for the failure may be due to some basic factors that are overlooked. Business with ample funding and commitment can run at risk of falling in, especially if it is not professional at new customer acquisition. That means, simply because you are doing advertisements and your phone is ringing with new customers do not mean you are not missing new chances and new customers.

Telephone Answering Service

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Many start ups and small firms are not able to hire a permanent receptionist at the beginning of their business venture and hence, these businesses resort to answering phone calls themselves. An effective solution to this issue can usually be something as simple as employing a virtual receptionist answering service. Surprisingly, the integral benefits of using a live phone answering service far compensate the cost. You would find outsourcing phone calls necessary after considering the following four reasons.

1. Highly affordable

More than hiring a part time receptionist, outsourcing phone calls is more affordable. Appointing your own staff will cost you around 2000-3000 dollar per month and the receptionist will take sick leave, health benefits, etc. Though phone answering service providers may charge differently, you can generally find them charging around $1-1.50 per call. Every business is not going to receive calls of 400 per month but they can expect a monthly expense of $600 for phone answering service. The service is however, offering you additional services such as 24 X 7 call answering service and even at holidays as well.

2. Renders a professional image to the business

If you answer your own company phone calls or use an automatic answering system, then it will scream that you are a little company. Customers will assess you with these small things, so you have to consider them seriously. Having a phone answering service provides your business with the image of a professional and successful company.

3. Prevent loss of new prospects

A good phone answering service will ultimately help prevent the loss of new prospects. When new customers are looking for a service, particularly industries like medical, contracting, etc, customers will want quick attention. Even if you leave a message on an automatic call system, they will call another competitor and hence, you might loss new clients. A business that responds first is more likely to get the deal or client.

4. Concentrate more on other business aspects

A live phone answering service can free up your time so you can move from being an over paid secretary to performing what more essential, and things that build your business and concentrate on things that create more revenue. The service will screen calls and answer basic queries of your services such as giving directions, scheduling appointments, business hours, etc. They can decide on whether a call should be transferred to company to let you speak to the clients that need your personal attention. Most service providers take reservations, process payments and field very complicated calls through menu driven technology, which makes it almost impossible to know the clients that they are not speaking to the company office.

It is true that we need to cost money for saving money and sometimes the loss outweighs the savings as well. You can be having a small firm or a big firm with 500 branches, live answering phone services can help you grow your business, enhance the image, increase cash flow and free up valuable time.

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