Four Reasons To Switch To Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the biggest tech trends sweeping businesses today.    As a business, now is the time to push forward and embrace this technology.  There is still a considerable digital divide present in America, so embracing this change can give you a advantage over some of your competitors.  Those who still are using file cabinets, desktop computers, and landlines will be left behind as their competition moves forward. 

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Cloud computing is a great way to network your company’s computers for maximum efficiency.  Here are four reasons to switch to the cloud:


One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is the security it provides.  Data is no longer stored on site, but rather, kept on a remote server.  Data storage companies are contracted to keep their servers safe so that you don’t have to worry.  This way, if a flood, earthquake, or fire strikes – you can resume business from a laptop at your earliest convenience.

Space Saver

Data storage is considerably cheaper than real estate.  If your line of work involves a good bit of paperwork, file cabinets, or computer hardware – consider updating. File cabinets are dwindling as businesses realize the value of scanning their documents.  Digitized record-keeping is everywhere, and e-signatures are pushing paperwork toward becoming obsolete.  Avoid redundancy and invest in database software and a scanner to compress your files down to a hard drive smaller than a shoebox.


This is one of the best features for smaller businesses.  Cloud computing saves you a great deal of worry when considering how much hardware you might need.  Fretting over data storage and application access is a thing of the past, as you can build up or scale down within the cloud as your business needs dictate.  You won’t have to spend money on updating and adding servers or installing new hardware nearly as much in the past, as cloud computing services offer what you need at a price far more affordable than in the past.


More than anything else, cloud computing allows for a level of efficiency unparalleled by anything businesses have ever seen.  Accessibility of files from multiple employees in real time is amazing.  Communication between departments is convenient, and many of the processes your company uses every day are streamlined with the cloud.  You can even combine two or more for Hybrid cloud computing.   Read up on some of the features offered by these services.  Your business stands to improve quite a bit with this technology in place.

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