Foolproof Egg Timer

Foolproof Egg Timer

No, boiling an egg isn’t easy. Well OK, actually boiling it is easy, the ingredients are about as plug and play as it gets, but getting it perfect is a timing nightmare, until now. This little gizmo is, as its name suggests, foolproof. Just pop it in the water with your eggs and watch it (just so hi-tech). As the eggs cook the timer darkens towards the middle, when it reaches the right line for you, your eggs are done to perfection.

Graduated scales show when eggs are soft, medium or hard by sensing heat instead of time. The sensor accounts for the number of eggs, the amount of water, even the altitude at which the eggs are being cooked – so useful for high level cooking.

You can have this for £4.99 – Approx USD $8.98 / €7.39

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