Food Safety RayTemp 3 Infrared Thermometer Review

The Food Safety RayTemp 3 Infrared Thermometer is a non-contact infrared food thermometer which uses laser alignment to measure the temperature.




RayTemp 3 Infrared Thermometer main features:

  • safe: no risk of cross contamination
  • simple push button operation
  • range -60 to 500°C
  • assured accuracy of ±1°C over the range of 0 to 65°C
  • compact, lightweight & easy to use
  • auto power off after 15 seconds
  • requires 2AAA batteries
  • battery life up to 140h

Food Safety RayTemp 3 Infrared Thermometer review

The RayTemp 3 Infrared Thermometer is extremely simple to use. All the user needs to do is to insert the 2 AAA batteries and press one button to measure the temperature. If you want to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit there is one more button you need to press.

So after you placed the batteries, and push the button to choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit all you have to do is point and press the measure button. In seconds the display will show the item’s temperature.

The device is compact and light and I like the power off feature – after 15 seconds of not using it the  LCD is turned off automatically – because it saves the battery life.

The temperature measurement is pretty exact. I used a kitchen thermometer to compare the data. To test the RayTemp I placed some hot water in a mug and submerged my kitchen thermometer in it. It showed 49 degrees Celsius. In the same time I measured the temperature with the RayTem and it showed 48 degrees Celsius, so you can get an accurate reading with it.

In conclusion: the Food Safety RayTemp 3 Infrared Thermometer is a cool kitchen gadget to have. It is super simple to use and records the food’s temperature accurately. I like this type of gadgets a lot: simple to use in everyday life and effective.

Pricing and availability

The RayTemp 3 price tag is £61.00 and it can be found on

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