Fleet Tracking Using GPS Tracking Gadgets

Fleet Tracking is essential for effective vehicle management. Fleet tracking is simple as well; it depends on GPS-enabled cell phones. The tracking system updates locations every five minutes and posts them to a web site for users.

Fleet Tracking

Vehicle tracking solutions offer location mapping and fleet management utilization reporting for your entire fleet.

Fleet tracking is about increasing driver safety, running a business more efficiently, and offering your customers the best service possible. The solutions provide optimized operations and more efficient scheduling along with enhanced security for both cargo and driver.

You can find out the route the vehicle is on, where it is at any given moment, even how fast the vehicle is traveling


Fleet GPS Tracking is becoming more prominent in the service industry. Business owners are opting to use this new technology to monitor their employee’s hours on the job as well as keep track of company property.

Fleet GPS is made possible with a combination of hardware, a wireless data network, web servers, and specialized software. The process begins with GPS hardware communicating with satellites to determine location and record vehicle functions. GPS information is typically about 60 characters in length, leaving room for other information such as the vehicle registration details, average speed and so on to be transmitted as part of the same short message. The GSM again removes the cost of infrastructure and because here we use the existing cellular networks.

GPS system works in most areas including metropolitan and rural areas. Using the tracking system to dispatch employees and define routes will help to keep windshield time to a minimum.


Data collected can vary and it collects details such as mileage, fuel consumption, and much more, which are then gathered into a global statistics scheme. Moreover, this fleet management service is also helpful in knowing driver behavior.

You will know:

  • The exact location of the vehicle. Latitude and longitude provided in degrees, minutes and seconds.
  • The present direction. You will be able to determine if the vehicle going to customer or leaving.
  • Speed. Speeding causes excessive wear and wastes gasoline. You will know if your cars are running with the right speed.
  • If something bad happened thru alerts. An automatic e-mail, sent to the owner, with the date, time, location, identification and other details related to some event which has occurred and deserves your attention.

The Benefits of a GPS Fleet Tracking Solution:

  • Reduce rising fleet expenses.
  • Raise fleet efficiency.
  • Reduce the time your drivers are spending at unauthorized locations.
  • Monitor the activities of your mobile personnel and reduce car and truck operating costs.
  • Reducing the downtime of field employees.
  • Reducing or eliminating overtime.
  • Lower insurance rates.
  • Route verification.
  • User configurability.

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