Five Ways Technology is Helping Keep Military Troops Safe

In these modern times technology is the determining factor when it comes to most battles. Those with the ability to use satellites, drones, Kevlar, robotics and imaging technologies have set apart the greatest military forces in the world. With these technologies militaries are able to keep their soldiers safe while having the upper hand when it comes to fighting important battles. The difference between life and death can be a matter of having the latest technologies on your side.

Five Ways Technology is Helping Keep Military Troops Safe

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Satellites have long existed and allowed us to send and receive information from great distances. Many households use satellites as their resource for television or as GPS on their smartphones or in their cars. Militaries use satellites to keep tabs on enemy positions. This allows them to have a strategic advantage. They are able to strike efficiently knowing in advance what the enemy is up and how they could take advantage of that position.

Another common technology that militaries everywhere are using is Kevlar. This material allows soldiers to have an extra layer of protection during battle can be the difference between life and death in any battle. Kevlar is used in bullet-proof vest and helmets. The material has helped to save many lives and has gone a long way to preventing injuries as well.

In days past finding and removing bombs took extreme care and precision. Metal detectors were used to help find the location of mines and other deadly bombs. These days modern militaries use robots to locate and diffuse these bombs. Technologies have become advanced enough where operators are able to expertly guide robots to the bombs without having to risk human lives. This technology has also been adapted by local law enforcement agencies when there is a bomb threat. Not having to put a person in harm’s way while eliminating the threat of a bomb is a great way in which technology has helped save military lives.

Recently more militaries have begun to use flying drones in order to surveil and protect troops on the ground. These drones were initially used in reconnaissance missions and as a way to better evaluate where soldiers were on the ground in relation to the enemy position. Currently drones have been equipped with thermal and night vision technologies allowing them to continue to surveil in the dark. Drones have continually improved so much so that they are now replacing some of the air activities that militaries used with manned planes or helicopters in the past.

Of course none of this would be possible without rugged and durable computers like the ones offered by These computers allow the troops to monitor and manage these fantastic new technologies that help keep them safe. Without being able to tote these computers all over the world it would be difficult to put these technologies into action and use them to their advantage.

Article by Annabelle Smyth

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