Five Ways Robots are Used Today

Robots are often seen as the symbol of science fiction. However, robots, most lacking human appearance, have been around for decades helping people in many ways. This article will focus on a few of the ways robots are used today.

five ways robots are used today

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In operating rooms, surgeons use robotic arms during delicate surgeries on patients. For educational purposes, hospitals show children the operating room environment through robot patients rather than humans.


Space agencies use robots to perform repairs on telescopes and space stations in orbit. Additionally, robots are sent to planets and the Moon for surface analysis. Oceanic explorers use robots to survey the deep ocean and the floor since humans cannot tolerate the extreme pressure due to lower oxygen levels.


Robots can be used around the home today. For children, manufacturers produce robotic toys, such as a robot dog. For example, the toy company Lego has a line of robotics products for enthusiasts. Robot vacuums clean up floors to reduce physical labor spent on cleaning the home. However, robot vacuums are unable to clean corners, walls and ceilings. Thus, a robot vacuum is an addition to a traditional vacuum in homes.


Manufacturing companies, such as automotive and electronics manufacturers, use robots in factories for product assembly to eliminate dangerous tasks that can injure people. Enterprise feedback management companies, such as Mindshare Technologies Platform, use robotic software or bot to extract customer information via completed surveys and social media analysis to reduce tedious tasks done by people. These companies’ clients use consumer information to improve marketing and customer service.

Defense and law enforcement agencies use robots to disable bombs remotely without risking the life of soldiers or bomb squad personnel. Drones are used for unmanned combat. Businesses improve site maintenance by using robots to clean ducts, which are tight for people to enter and exit. Farms use fruit picking machines.


Japanese companies have developed robots for social purposes. For example, one company built a robot with a female human-like appearance to sing to an audience at concerts. Other companies are improving the mimicking of human emotions in robots, which will act as companions for patients in hospitals and nursing homes. Companies have produced robots capable of playing table tennis or dancing.

Robotics have advanced the development of robots over time. There is debate on the ethics of robots replacing human tasks. Some people have concerns on the birth of artificial intelligence due to improved software and automated algorithms.

Article by Kandace Heller

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