Five Reasons Facebook is Better than Twitter

Twitter fanatics have their reasons why they prefer it over Facebook. Likewise, Facebook users can enumerate several factors why the use it more than the micro blogging platform. For this article, what will be highlighted are five reasons Facebook is better than Twitter. Aside from the substantially higher character count limit for updates, there are a lot of arguments that the revolutionary social media template can win.


1) Facebook has a wider reach If you would just like to attract a random audience, Facebook is the best tool to use. As of now, Facebook already has 500 million users and counting while Twitter only has 106 million. Out of Facebook’s massive number, an average of 41% of which are online daily while only 27% of Twitter users login every day. Making yourself heard is easier on Facebook because one awesome video, photo or status update can be shared by more people.

2) Easier personal messaging In Facebook, you can send a private message to anyone even if they are not part of your friends’ list. In contrast, two parties can only send a direct message on Twitter if they follow each other. In terms of online marketing, it is easier to disseminate a product pitch on Facebook than on Twitter. The word about your product will easily become viral on the former.

In connection with this, Facebook groups make it easier to target individuals or communities that may show interest to your product. On the other hand, Twitter does a dismal job in categorizing users for their classifications are too broad.

3) Tagging options It is a clich that a picture is worth a thousand words. If you translate that into marketing principles, posters provide better publicity than texts. What better way to communicate to an audience directly by tagging them into a picture. Without question, it is one of the five reasons Facebook is better than Twitter due to the ease of the tagging process and the limit of tags per picture.

In Twitter, users can only tag people on tweets that contain pictures. Thus, the tagged person’s user name counts against the 140-character count. On the other hand, Facebook allows up to 50 tags per picture. Just drag the cross within the photo, make a left click and type the user name of the individual that you would like to tag.

4) Better interaction In Twitter, users can only interact with others if they tag them in a post. However, there are more avenues to contact a Facebook friend. Aside from a personal message, users can tag friends on status updates. Facebook also has a chat option that can be upgraded into video chat upon installation of a Skype plug-in.

In effect, Facebook is made for interaction. Meanwhile, Twitter is more like a template for those who would like to share their short quips about anything under the sun even if it is positive or negative. Therefore, Facebook is the hands down winner when it comes to connecting old, existing and new friends.

5) Over-all functionality Twitter lets you share your opinions, tag friends, post photos and that’s about it. Facebook lets you do all these and so much more. You can play games, try applications, read news feeds and visit the marketplace to name a few. If you are looking for a tool to kill time, you know where to go.

Obviously, an article about five reasons Facebook is better than Twitter is just the tip of the iceberg. If you extensively try each social media platform, you will unravel more differences and advantage points for Facebook.

Those are my reasons for choosing Facebook over Twitter. Do you agree? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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