Five Home Technologies You Shouldn’t Skimp On

Technology seems to be ingrained into our very lives. It completes our livelihood, comfort, and sometimes even our safety. Today there are certain home technological advances that people really should not skimp on if they want a better life. With these new advancements, home living can be made easier and a lot more convenient. Take a look to see what your home might be missing.

Five Home Technologies You Shouldn't Skimp On

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Home Security
Professional thieves target homes that do not have an advanced form of security. It not enough to just have a guard dog. Many dogs can be quickly and swiftly silenced. A home security system that employs the latest technology is a must for home owners. You will not have to worry at night or as you go on vacation that there might be a prowler sneaking around, hunting for your valuables. With automatic video transfer to your smartphone you can keep a view on your house at all times and can be alerted to intruders or burglaries in progress. With some systems you can even switch the thermostat and locks remotely.

Strong Gate
This will serve to guard against nosy neighbors and, again, prowling thieves. If you keep valuables in your home, a strong gate is a technological advance that you should not skimp on. Many of the advanced models only allow entry when you have the code or a card. They will deter the ordinary thief who just wants to get in and out quickly. Traversing a strong gate can be virtually impossible, or would take enough time that somebody would notice what they were up to.

Garage Door Opener
The garage door is a weak spot often targeted by thieves. It is the easiest to access, and often contains your most precious valuables. The older models suffer the detriment that if somebody has the same brand as you, they can open your door with the push of a button. But modern technology has generated unique codes for openers. The consumer who is conscious of security should not skimp on the technology of their garage door opener. Companies like Perimeter Security Systems are even switching to solar panel powered units which means your home can be greener as well.

Heaters and Air Conditioners
Sometimes that summer heat can really be overbearing. You need to maintain a comfortable living temperature inside your home. If you compromise on the heat or the air conditioning, this can contribute to discomfort and depression. Luckily newer models can be accessed by smartphone and changed daily to save you energy and money. Increase the heat when you’re at home and change it once everyone has left for the day.

Water Filters
Where does your kitchen water come from? Is it really as fresh as you think? The answer is often surprising to most. People who do not use a water filter are 33% more likely to develop gastrointestinal disease. New technology in filtration means you only have to add some gear to your faucet to get clear, clean, fresh water in an instant.

Home technologies are always advancing. If you don’t already have some of these important new factors, see if it would be worth adding them to your home today.

By Brooke Chaplan

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