Five Green Gadgets You Need in Your Home

There’s never been a better time to be an eco-conscious tech lover, with companies across the world practically falling over themselves to make gadgets and appliances that help save the planet (and often save you cash, too). New appliances like washing machines are now much more efficient, saving water and energy – meaning that your energy bills will be lower! There are other gadgets, too, that help you live in a more environmentally friendly way. Here then is a round-up of five of the best eco-friendly gadgets available for your home, from washing machines to thermostats to keyboards.

1. Samsung Eco Bubble

Samsung Eco Bubble

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Over the past few years, washing machines have become smarter and smarter, with the latest models now reading water conditions, reducing energy usage, and offering a baffling array of different cycles. The clear king in the eco stakes however is Samsung’s Eco Bubble range, which injects air into your wash, the air bubbles helping to lift dirt and allowing the machine to deliver excellent cleaning on just a 15 degree wash, something that should cut your water usage and energy bills drastically.

2. Nest Thermostat

Although currently only available in the US and Canada (the company says it’s currently working on launches in other regions), the Nest thermostat is the most exciting thing to happen to the thermostat since, well, ever. It learns and remembers your heating patterns, ensuring your home stays at the perfect temperature without you having to lift a finger. The fact that it’s designed by ex-iPod and iPhone designers also hasn’t exactly hurt its popularity, with the Nest thermostat looking more stylish than it has any right to.

3. Battery Wizard

The battery wizard is not exactly stylish, its mass of grey plastic and clear lid giving it the look of a cheaply inoffensive kitchen appliance. True beauty, however, comes from function, and the battery wizard is as functional as they come, giving you the ability to charge regular alkaline batteries without the risk of explosions or toxic chemicals. This should extend battery life by approximately ten times, and should mean you no longer need to stockpile spares on the off-chance your TV remote gives out.

4. iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard

A keyboard may seem a strange choice for an eco-friendly gadget and, it’s true, the iZen will not save you energy or reduce your bills. It is however composed of 92 percent bamboo, and production is therefore kinder to the planet than any conventional keyboard. Moreover, its natural look is the perfect accompaniment to any eco-friendly home.

5. Eco Button

Of all the green gadgets available for your home, the eco button is one of the simplest, and is a true “why didn’t I think of that” moment. Simply connect the button to your computer, and when you’re finished working, press it and your computer will automatically go to sleep. When you want to use it again, hit the button once more and you’ll be told how much energy you saved. Get into the habit of hitting the button and your energy bills should fall significantly, meaning it should save you cash, too.

By Saima Paakkonen

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