Five Gadgets That Will Make Your Band Sound Crystal Clear

Have you ever been to a concert, but the music was screaming so loud that your ears were bleeding? Or, were the vocals so jumbled you couldn’t understand the lyrics? Whether you play in a garage band or play gigs regularly in top venues, your fans want to hear the best sound possible. Sonicbids suggests five gadgets that will make your band sound crystal clear:

five gadgets that will make your band sound crystal clear

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Full range pa system

Owning a full range PA system is crucial. Not all venues have sound equipment, and if they do, they charge you through the roof for equipment rental and a sound engineer, eating up profits. Basic full range PA systems are portable, and include a pair of full range speakers and a mixer and amp combination. All-in-one PAs include 4 – 8 channels, and a set of monitors can be added.

High quality dynamic microphones

High quality dynamic microphones are essential to a band’s performance. Cheap microphones can make or break a performance. A good quality mic signal can make your band sound great. These mikes are powerful, relatively inexpensive for the quality, resist moisture and are perfect for stage use.

Dual 31-band equalizer

Guitars and basses have amps and drums have their own condenser mics, but what about the singer who can be overpowered by all of these electronics? An equalizer is necessary for achieving the most precise tone control and balance possible. Two channels with a 31 band EQ circuit, a dynamic limiter, and noise reduction assist an equalizer in balancing out highs and lows, squeals and ear-piercing tones and balances the monitors, speakers, instruments, and singers.

Three-way crossover

A crossover is an electronic gadget that creates three output signals from one signal, and is essential to "direct traffic" for your audio by directing high frequencies to tweeters, mid-range sounds to the woofers, and the low ranges to the sub-woofer. Without a crossover, "sound traffic jams" occur leaving a jumbled mess of frequencies. This results in the guitar solos not being heard or losing the singer’s voice.


A compressor or limiter is the best friend of any band, and is used as an automatic volume control when the input gets too loud. By automatically reducing the sound, the volume levels remain consistent. In addition, compressors can be used as effects on vocals and instruments.

By incorporating any of these five gadgets into your band equipment, you can be assured that your sound will be crystal clear.

Article by Kandace Heller

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