Five Fun Gadgets To Trick Out Your Home

Every home is a direct representation of its inhabitants’ tastes and lifestyles. And today, some of the coolest things to use in adding those desired personal touches to your home are gadgets and cool electronic devices. Whether your intention is to boast some status, be more secure, or even to have a more digital, ergonomic home, here are five fun gadgets perfect for tricking out your home.

Five Fun Gadgets To Trick Out Your Home

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Transparent TV

One of the coolest and happening new items for the home is the transparent television. Transparent televisions are an immediate eye-catcher. There are only a limited number of manufacturers for these at this point, but the market is growing. Wow your guests with what appears to be an art-deco style piece of clear glass that turns out to be a high-quality, cutting-edge, LED television.

Home Automation System

Smoke alarm and burglar alarm systems alone are becoming a thing of the past. Today’s system combines these basics with the advanced technology of home automation. Show off the coolest control panel ever, and control lights, electronics, even appliances and music, all from a touch or the power of voice-control.

Floor Plan Light Switch

It seems that everywhere you look, one household ware that rarely sees any considerable personalization is the light switch. Sure, you can get personalized plates, but why settle for just another switch plate? The floor plan light switch is a touch-screen switch that shows a layout of the home, without an actual “switch.” Touch the room you want to control the light in and never be confused by multiple light switches again.

Sony Eclipse

Everyone loves a good, all-purpose media station; one cool place to access all those videos, songs, mp3’s, and other files. The Sony Eclipse is the new generation of media player, in the form of an awesome new home-ware. The Eclipse features a high-quality display, amazing equalizer effects and more. The catch: this stylish media player “suction cups” to the window with an outward-facing solar panel so as to never need batteries or a plug.

Rapid Drink Chiller

The Rapid Drink Chiller is an awesome new kitchen gadget that once experienced, is tough to go without. Whether for entertaining or for your own personal conveniences, this drink chiller will rapidly cool down just about any drink. Give it a can, bottle, or other drink container, turn it on, and you will have a thoroughly chilled drink in only 1 – 2 minutes. Be ready to be spoiled with drinks ready on the fly.

Article by Madyson Grant

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