Five Everyday Smartphone Tricks That Make Life Easier on You

If you own a smartphone, the device can be so much more to you than merely a phone. There are certain aspects of a smartphone that you can use to your advantage that can make your life easier in a variety of ways. Some of these are the simplest things you can imagine and you will see that you cannot live without them. Consider these everyday smartphone tricks to make your life easier.

Five Everyday Smartphone Tricks That Make Life Easier On You

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Calendar Entries

Your smartphone has built in calendar that you can find to be a lifesaver. You can use this feature to schedule important events that you need to remember. Once you enter them, you will also be prompted to set a time for an alarm to sound off to remind you of any given event. This can help you to stay on top of things like doctor’s appointments, meetings and more. Most of today’s smartphones will alert you at least a half hour in advance of any important daily event.

Alarm Feature

All smartphones also include alarm features that can serve as the only alarm you will ever need. There is the option of using a built in alarm or a number of apps at app marketplaces to wake you up in the morning, which means you won’t ever have to rely on your regular alarm clock again if you don’t want to.

Home Security Right at Your Fingertips

One of the best ways your smartphone can make your everyday life easier is to use it to monitor your home. There are plenty of security apps on each of the respective platforms’ marketplaces that run concurrently with your home security system. LifeShield Security has an app that will enable you to increase your home protection. With it, you can view photos and video of your home in real-time through camera systems, arm or disarm your alarm system, have remote access from anywhere in the world and much more.


Making use of your smartphone’s camera can eliminate the need for having a digital camera on hand. Whether you are going to a party or if you find yourself in an emergency situation such as an accident, your phone can play an integral part in the situation as you can snap some quick photos.

The cameras that they are coming up with now usually has 7+ megapixels a slow mo feature and even has filters built in. Taking your smartphone with you now means you can always be ready to relive memories.

Notes and Lists

Taking notes on your smartphone or making a grocery list when you have to go shopping is another excellent way to simplify your life. Not only will you have information you need right there on your phone, but you will also be saving paper and ink in the process.

Try these tips and tricks for using your smartphone in your everyday life. You will be delighted to see how much easier things will flow for you.

By Hannah Whittenly

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