Five Devices That Can Keep Your Family Safe From Burglars

We’ve all learned the basics in home security, right? We keep the doors locked, leave a light on, and support the neighborhood watch. Yet, there are over a million burglaries each year. Let’s face it, burglars adapt, even right here in Mentor. It’s time to go beyond the basics. Here are five devices that will help keep your family and home from being the next crime statistic.


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Keyless entry provides security and convenience

Okay friends, were going beyond the basics. Let’s assume you already have deadbolt locks on your exterior doors. You have an even better option: keyless deadbolt locks for your front door. Keyless deadbolt locks offer the strength of a deadbolt but require a personal PIN number instead of keys. A keyless lock is not going to be picked and you don’t have to worry about a lost set of keys or sliding a key under the doormat.

Answering the door made safer

The rapid growth of small, wireless digital cameras has made remote door answering affordable and available. Instead of having to lean against the door to peer through a peep hole, you and your family members can now remotely answer the door by seeing the camera feed on a small screen or via a hand-held device.

Top and bottom locks for the sliding glass door

The latches on a sliding glass door handle are not very secure and we all know the technique of placing a wooden dowel or rod in the track to keep the door from being opened. However, this is not burglar proof as the door can still be lifted off its track. A more reliable and easy to use device is a keyed lock for the top and bottom of the sliding glass door. This secures the sliding glass door frame to the track so it cannot be lifted or opened.

With Wi-Fi light control burglars think you’re always home

Lights are a well known deterrent and most families leave both exterior or interior lights on while away for extended periods. This may work in the short term, but a professional burglar will figure out if a light is simply left on. Wi-Fi technology gives us real control and enables the human touch even when we are not home. With Wi-Fi lights, you can manually turn them on and off from your smart phone or pre-program them to a desired schedule.

A Digital Home Security System

A home security system provides comprehensive security for your property and family. According to Security Systems Mentor, today’s digital systems are cheaper, less cumbersome, simple to use, and provide more flexibility than in the past. With web based technology the system is easily programed and accessible from your phone. The entry way sensors can either activate an alarm or simply send you a text message if a door or window is opened. A home security system has always provided great protection, but a Wi-Fi enabled system gives you the flexibility and control that makes it practical.

Take advantage of digital technology because that is what can give you an edge against today’s burglars. We want to ensure our family’s security. Keep the house locked up and looking occupied and you don’t have to make your homes look like a fortress either. Employing the affordable and unobtrusive devices above will deter potential thieves and keep your family off that statistic list.

By Savannah Coulsen

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