Fireball Gun

Fireball Gun

How best to combat those really annoying people at work? You could take the moral high ground (but the view’s no better) and ignore them, or… you could pander to your inner child with a pump action foam filled urban armoury to get your own back. We know which option we’d choose.

Picture this, Neville from the Health & Safety Dept, (the killjoy who’s always banging on about the tiniest thing) is smugly walking away from your desk after his latest rant, how great would it be to whip out this pump action, pellet firing Fireball gun and chase him around the office firing foam pellets at him?! Sounds good? Sounds like a disciplinary warning? We hope so.

Holding 4 rounds in the mag and one in the chamber, The Fireball is a sleek pump action gun that fires bright yellow foam balls at a heck of a lick (into the backs of Nevilles everywhere). Simply pump a round into the chamber, push forward on the slide to release the safety and let rip. The gun comes with 18 foam balls for your shooting pleasure and we sell refills in case Neville confiscates your ammo stash. Great fun in the office, the home, the garden, and well, anywhere where you won’t be accosted by an armed response unit.

You can have this for £14.95

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