Finger Drum Kit

Finger Drum Kit

Why upset the neighbours, take up the spare room and needlessly wave your arms around with a full sized drum kit when you can have this much more suitable sized drum kit?This drum kit allows you to pretty much drum away as you might with some normal drums. The only difference being is that this measures about ten inches in length and you have to play it with your fingers. Each drum is touch sensitive so give the snare drum a quick flick, the cymbal a tap and you have the beginnings of a desktop jamming session. The Finger drum Kit is replicated to sound like an authentic drum kit and the sound is played out via the speaker in the back of the bass drum.So practice the drums whilst sat at your desk, or learn to play your favourite tune. There is even a demo mode so you can convince your friends how good you are.

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  1. That is awesome, even if just for decoration. I really need one of those! I love tiny things. :}

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