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In today’s world capturing attention and promoting your website and business is vital. Probably the hardest thing is to get people’s attention. In the modern environment the average number of ads an adult sees daily is 360 according to the


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So people are overwhelmed by commercials and ads and if we want their attention our ads must step up. Working with experts is the easiest way because creating the right campaign for a brand is a difficult task and it involves a lot of knowledge.

There are ad agencies which can really help with creating memorable ads which will attract people attentions and which will increase the brand’s value.

The easy way of finding the right agency for you is to do a complete internet research. Most agencies post their portfolios online and this is the best way to choose the best. Have a look at their past work and see how they represented different brands over time. Don’t look only at their latest ads; look for campaigns (ads which complete each others). The big companies think a campaign and the develop the ads.

The agency should be in your geographic area because the communications are better this way (lots of business use overseas agencies and usually the mangers complain that it is hard to communicate, especially if the client speaks a different language). So get an agency which is close to your business – you will want to visit them and talk face to face.

I was looking for a los angeles advertising agency to give as an example for toady’s post when I stumbled upon Zambezi. I had a look over their portfolio and I liked the ads they made.

Their ads are smartly designed and I will show you two examples.

  • The Venetian Las Vegas

This add shows that the clients are welcomed to stay at the hotel no matter  what are their needs or how eccentric they are 🙂


  • Autotrader campaign

This add shows people ho w to solve their problem and finding the right car for them.

As you can see both the clips focus on the benefits, which is vital to have a good ad.

My source of inspiration for this article was Zambezi, the LA ad agency.


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