Finding the Best Printer: You’re Personal Guide

Finding the perfect printer that suits your budget and needs is an essential component to operating efficiency at the personal and business level. Today, we are going to shed some light on this area that does not get discussed much, obviously since it does not make for the most interesting conversation!


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Let’s start with a short description on how printers work. Printers nowadays are connected through USBs for clearer and faster data transmission. When a document is printed, the print spooler in Windows is sending data over the cable to your printer. The printer than stores this information in its memory and begins to translate the data based on a sequence of stop-start function that populates ink to predetermined locations on the page, depending on what you are printing. Even more complex are the algorithms behind this, but we don’t need to know about that, just that printer’s rely on laser technology, require good data transmission and are based on accurate interpretation.

Printers differ in quality of build and the technology infrastructure that they use; they are usually either laser or ink-jet printers. However, the printer’s size and technical specifications can have a large impact on the speed, reliability and accuracy of the page you print. In addition there are costs of replacement for ink, cartridges and overall maintenance.

All this said one of the best printers you can find on the market for both office and personal use are Konica Minolta printers. As opposed to brand name printers that focus on volume and marketing to get their products sold, Konica strives for product excellence. For offices you can save costs on replacements on efficient use of ink, fast processing speeds in millions of volume printed each month and fast-turnaround. For personal use there are a number of customizable printers for graphic artists looking for color-density differences and extraordinarily sharp printing quality.

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