Find what businesses are nearest to you with the Justdial iPhone App

Explore places around you or find the direction of the place you want to go with the help of Justdial App. This feature called ‘Near Me’ is probably one of the highlights of the App. This feature makes it easy for you to find all the places near you.

Download this App on your iPhone and explore as many places as you can. Justdial App is easy to use, and so is this feature. Use this App to find businesses, products or services wherever you want. This iPhone App for local search comes with different features that makes it more essential to have on your iPhone. The ‘Near Me’ function helps you to find any company or services just by clicking Near Me button. You will find a number of companies that are present near you.

The Justdial iPhone App operates on the in built GPS functionality. It helps to discover user’s current location. The App provides Mapping and Navigation features and thereby leverages the built in Google Maps application. You can choose the city of your choice and locate whatever you want through this function.

‘GPS’ stands for Global Positioning System. It was developed in the year 1973. It is maintained by the United States government. GPS function has become an important factor in today’s world. It helps smartphone Apps to find locations anywhere around the globe.

You can use the ‘Near Me’ functionality any time. It will help you for making everyday plans, as well as in case of emergency. For e.g. If you are hungry or need an urgent medical help, you can use the ‘Near me’ function to find the restaurants or hospitals near you within minutes. On the other hand, you can surprise your special someone by taking them to places they didn’t know with the help of this exclusive feature. Search for theatres, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, doctors, ATM’s and much more and reach there easily. This mobile App for local search is available to explore locations in India and USA.

To download this iPhone App visit the App store. Click on download and get the App within minutes. This App is brought to you by India’s No.1 Local Search Engine – Justdial. It is easy to use and free. It is very helpful and therefore, it is downloaded by million users from various platforms. So use this App and explore the world around you!

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