Find the Right Gold Club Parts When You Need Them

Nothing can ruin a golf game faster than a broken golf cart. Therefore, it is important to maintain all golf carts, and to assure they are in great working order prior to the beginning of golf season.

Finding a good source for golf cart parts can be challenging. These are highly specialized items that are not carried by all providers of mechanical parts. A good place to find them is through such companies as Blockbuster Golf Carts online.


Golf cart accelerators are wear items that are among the first things that have to be replaced on most golf carts. The accelerator mechanism consists of a number of different parts, such as:

Accelerator pedal
Pedal return spring
Pedal pad
Brake pedal switch
Accelerator rod
Accelerator ball joint & stud

While each part can be purchased individually, substantial savings can occur when they are bought in a prepackaged kit.

Brake Parts

It is imperative that golf carts be able to stop quickly and reliably. Golf cart brakes contain essential parts that must be kept in good working order to help protect golfers from injury. Like the accelerator parts, golf cart brake parts can be purchased separately, as needed, or in prepackaged kits that hold all the parts such as:

Electric or gas brake shoes
Brake pedal sub assembly
Rod and pawl
Brake pedal assembly


Batteries are another consideration for golf carts. They can be thought of as the central nervous system of the cart, and are valuable from the standpoint that the cart will not operate without them. The average battery will last approximately five to seven years, at which time one must replace the entire battery, as the original ones will no longer hold charges after that point.

Golf cart batteries are different from the batteries found in cars. Although they may look the same, they are not. Golf cart batteries are sometimes called, “wet batteries” or “flooded” batteries, and, unlike car batteries, require more maintenance. They contain electrolytes that are made up of a water solution and lead acid. They consume a good deal of water over their lifetime, and require regular cleaning and watering.

So long as one performs routine maintenance, a golf cart can be expected to run smoothly for years on end.

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