Feeling Overhwlemed? Four Great Apps To Help You Keep Track Of Your Life

There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Between work, going to the gym, managing your persona life and everything else you have going on, you may wonder how you get anything done at all. Luckily technology has completely changed this. There are plenty of apps available that will make your life easier and organize everything into a more detailed way. Here are four of the top apps for doing just that, especially when you are feeling quite overwhelmed.


Evernote is a top app on the app store and that’s for a reason. It’s not just for productivity, but Evernote will help you with your entire life. This app allows you to make detailed notes and have them synced to all of your other devices. Evernote also has an option to make alarms and alerts, which will help you remember when to do important tasks.


DropBox is another app that is perfect for all devices and phone providers. The app allows you to save photos, music, movies, documents and more in one file. This means that even if you forget something important at home, you won’t have to head back from work and instead you can just access everything from your computer.


If you find yourself getting a ton of unwanted calls and texts that just seem to slow down your day, be sure to get AlertMatrix for your Blackberry phone. This application allows you to specify the importance of certain contacts in your phone, so that only they can call you when you are in your busiest times. You can also add different alerts for different contacts, so you can determine how important it is to answer.


Is an Android specific application that allows you to create beautiful and organized calendars in your phone. This app allows you to easily transition between days, months or years so you can prepare far in advance. Furthermore, you can also add updates and tasks as you need to.


Any.do is on both Android and iOS operating systems. It allows you to make lists, reminders, events, and more for further reference. You can also program your information into categories, which are easy to find in the future. Once you find the right Bell.ca iPhone plans in Canada that you are looking for, be sure to add Any.do as one of the first apps you get.
Technology has simplified many different elements of our lives. And as innovation continues to grow, things only get easier. Consider the apps on this list to make your life more convenient, save more time and be more productive.

By Tricia Borren

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